What a Surprise!

Y’all need to know.

I don’t like surprises.

Ok, well maybe I do, but I don’t like feeling out of control.  Yes.  That’s an issue God and I are working through.  But that’s the issue I have with surprises.  I am not in control.

Shane learned a long time ago, don’t plan surprises for me.  But, he took a chance recently and


In the middle of the craziness, Shane and I planned a getaway.  2 nights. February 12th and 13th.  A car wreck, 2 funerals, teenage testosterone, a 9 year old going on 20 had all been driving us crazy.   We’d been getting on each others nerves.  Without going into more detail, let’s just say we NEEDED some couple time. And the kids needed some time too…

What were we going to do?  Just relax, eat a couple of nice dinners out thanks to some gift cards we had.  Hang out together.

INSTEAD, these were sitting in between the letters on my keyboard the morning of February 12th. Well, not these exact tickets.  He had purchased tickets in the nosebleed section about a month before.  But when we got there, we were directed to a table where our tickets were exchanged for seats that were NOT in the nosebleed section.  No, we still weren’t up close and personal; but hey when you’ve got a Jumbo Tron who needs close?

Barry and I (and several thousand of our closest friends) sang “I Can’t Smile Without You”

In fact, me and the lady behind us, sang almost every song with him. And at the end of the evening we were in tears together.  I don’t know why she was but, me?  I thought I’d never had the opportunity to see Barry again. I know my husband loves me, but he’s not so fond of Barry.  He knows I am.  In fact, this makes time number 3. First when I was about 16, second when I was about 25 and third when I was about 40 45 something.   And if Barry stays true to his word, this will be the last; because he won’t be touring again.

The end of an era.

Who could ask for more?

The local talk radio people didn’t particularly care for the concert.  (Fact is, I don’t care much for the local talk radio people)  But I thought it was FANTASTIC!

There are so many songs… Mandy, Two Ships, Can’t Smile, Looks Like We Made it, and on and on…

I wondered HOW he would sing them all.  And, he did sing many of them from start to finish, but…

how would he sing them all without singing all night long?

A medley, of course.

I thought it was a great way to give us a taste of all of his songs; instead of picking and choosing some and leaving out others…

Honestly, he moved a little slower than he used to, and he only changed costumes twice,

but his voice…when paired with a clip from one of the first times he sang Mandy on TV?

Just as clear as ever!

And, he’s still the entertainer that he’s always been.

And the love songs…

Let’s just say it was a perfect beginning to a wonderful weekend.  Now, they are taped to my desk for me to see while I’m working, to remind me of the fantastic weekend that began with a surprise!

waiting for Barry

Here we are waiting for the show to begin.


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