Will We Visit? {Five Minute Friday}

I am once again linking up with Kate for Five Minute Friday.  It’s been a few weeks and I have missed being here.  Writing myself and reading the thoughts of others…it is a sweet fellowship.

Today’s word is visit.  Time starts now.

Half of our family has been planning to make a trip to Bartlesville, OK this coming week.  It’s something our church has done for several years now and it’s never worked out for us to go, until this year.  It’s a volunteer opportunity at Voice of the Martyrs.  They have jobs for all ages, so Tabby and Malachi were going to make the trip with me this year.

I say were…because…there is a NASTY snow storm/freezing rain storm in the forecaast beginning Saturday afternoon.  And I’m not sure we’ll make it. Cause I am NOT driving in this

  This has been a strange year.  A VERY strange year.  In Knoxville (where my family lives) 6 inches of snow fell night before last.  And that wasn’t the first snow they had gotten this year.  The south is getting hammered this year, AND it’s almost MARCH.

I was planning on taking my sandals.  But the roads to where we’re going isn’t exempt.  There’s yucky weather in the forecast for Bartlesville too.  So we prepare.  No sandals.  Most likely b o o t s and h e a v y c o a t s.  Can ya hear the disappointment in my “voice? Breakfast cookies will be eaten at home if not there, and, well everything else is all good here at home too…

So, will we visit or won’t we visit?  That is the question to be asked…I guess we’ll find out Sunday morning.


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