It’s Not a Dirty Word

This may be a post that makes some many most of you uncomfortable, but I’ve never been one to avoid a topic just because it makes some people squirm.  I’m certainly not gonna start now.  I will say that this post will most likely end up being at least PG rated, so if you have littles, you may not want them reading it…or you might.  Hopefully I’ll stretch you in a good enough way that you’ll want to share it.

The word I want to talk about is sex.  Yes.  THAT word.  The word that Christians kind of  whisper in hushed tones, but the world shouts out in many forms.

A little back story for those of you that may not have seen this.

About 2 weeks ago my darling husband took me to see Barry Manilow.  And we had an AMAZING time!  I posted something on my FB page about it, and a mutual friend of ours started razzing Shane about his mancard.  So I razzed back.  Just so you know, this friend is excellent at razzing folks and can do it when it’s all in fun.  There are absolutely NO hard feelings from this little exchange.

it went something like this:

“My wonderful hubby surprised me with Barry tickets for TONIGHT!”

“mancard REVOKED”

“I don’t think Shane’s gonna care about his mancard later tonight”

“whoa, whoa, whoa”

You see this friend of ours, he’s a hard-headed Yank, and he just doesn’t stop.  So I stopped him, lol.

But, this little all in fun exchange got me to thinking.  The world talks about sex EVERYWHERE.  All of the magazines are filled with articles on how to please your lover.  And they’re not talking about your husband.  There talking about your short-term boy, your shack up or your hook-up.

Billboards and commercials are replete with almost undressed women. It’s part of the sex sells culture.

The little girls department carries clothes that are sexy…for 4 year olds.

XXX rated “men’s clubs” have been around for ages.

It’s part of the world’s definition of love.

But that’s not what the Bible teaches.

The Bible teaches that love between a man and a woman is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

…And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.Genesis 2:25 esv

It started in the Garden.  It continues today…marriage for life between a man and a woman. No matter what the world says.

There’s an entire book of Scripture written about it. And it’s beautiful, and amazing!

Then the world hijacked it.  Just like it has hijacked so many things.

This morning Shane left on a trip for a few days.

I’m gonna miss him.  ALOT.

I didn’t want him to leave our bed this morning.

I didn’t want to let him go when he left.

But I had too.

As we were snuggling our goodbyes, one of our children said “OH GROSS”

I said, “Oh NO! This is wonderful!  Gross would be if we didn’t care that we were going to be apart”.

It s a fantastical thing that we’ve been married 20 years and feel this way!  I love my husband greatly, and have loved him every day for over 20 years.

I hope my children all feel this way about their spouses in the future.

But since we’ve been home from Barry, something wonderful has happened in our home.  We’ve gotten (ok, me more than him) a renewed love.  The home fires are burning brighter than in a long time.  Some thing changed within me.

Somehow that weekend was the start to releasing ghosts from the past that haunted me when I didn’t even really know it.  I thought those ghosts were gone.  But I guess they weren’t.  But now! oh. my. word.  My husband seems sexier, hotter and more amazing than ever.  I feel like we’re on our honeymoon again!  And he does too.

And what’s wrong with that?

Sometimes Christians act like sex is wrong in all circumstances.  Or it’s to be hidden and not talked about.  But didn’t God design it?  Didn’t He make ALL things good?  Didn’t he design marriage?  That means he designed sex too.  So sex between a married couple is good.  In fact, didn’t he declare that man was VERY good?  Then shouldn’t sex be VERY good between a husband and wife?  But somehow it has become taboo.  We don’t talk about it.

I for one WANT the world to know that sex between a long time married couple can be wonderful! And amazing!  And better after 20 years!

What’s wrong with that?

That said, does that mean I should go around telling everyone that my husband and I had great sex last night?  Not so.  There IS this thing called discretion.  But shouldn’t our kids know that Momma and Daddy are in LOVE.  Shouldn’t they see us snuggle, and kiss?  Shouldn’t the world know that a married couple can still be in love and enjoy each other after being married for many years longer than most couples…that is IF the couple even bothers to marry?

So, I for one, am taking back the word sex for the good.

God created it.  It IS good.  In fact, it is VERY good.


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  1. good post. Sex IS beautiful when kept within the bounds of marriage. Your children need to see you love each other by how you treat one another including innocent kisses and hugs. That’s how they learn that Sex is beautiful.


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