We Can Be Real – FMF

I’m linking up with Kate again with Five Minute Friday.  5 minute free write, no edit’s on the word Kate gives us. Link up and comment on the blog before you.

5 minutes starts now:

The word is real

This word in my mind conjures up many thoughts.

The first was that I am real. If you know me in real life you know that I show myself for what I am.

A sinner saved by grace alone through faith alone. If you know me at all, you know my worldly warts.  I don’t hide them.  What you see is what you get.  (With some discernment thrown in, of course).

I WANT people to know that they don’t have to perfect to come to Jesus.

I want people to see God’s glory in the grace of His mercy.

You and me, we can come just as we are.

Broken. Angry. Tired. Hungry.

This song is really speaking to me these days.

We YOU can be real with Him.

I can be real with Him.

Taste His grace.  It’s amazing!



One thought on “We Can Be Real – FMF

  1. I am so glad I can come to God just as I am and be real with Him. He knows me better than I know myself anyway!! Blessings to you. Visiting from right behind you at FMF!


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