I’m Overwhelmed

Usually when we think of the word overwhelmed, we think of it in the negative.

“I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do”

“Life is so busy right now, I’m just overwhelmed”

Rarely is this word used in a positive light.


But today I am.

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving!

I stop and consider what he has done; I look back and reflect on the years of my life I am truly overwhelmed.

I am amazed that God would send his son to this earth for ME (in fact, once for all).

I am amazed that I have a husband that loved me through some UGLY years, and that we are not only together, but so in LOVE which each other… and I wonder HOW it could be.

I am overwhelmed when I think about my 4 beautiful children and SO thankful for the way God is growing them into His likeness in spite of those ugly years that they endured…God has definitely made beauty from my ashes. (Mind you, they are beautiful, not perfect).

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunities God has given Shane to be a church leader, for the people God has placed in our path over the years, that could encourage us, and that we could be an encouragement to.

I am overwhelmed that I have been chosen to be a small group leader with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.  God is using this ministry to draw closer to Him and I am honored to be a part of it now.  I have longed to be a part of a women’s ministry for YEARS.  And now I am part of one of the best!

I am overwhelmed that more than 20 years of prayers have been answered.  I have seen my Daddy grow in the Lord.  I have seen God drawing him near over those years, but I was blessed and honored to see the fruit last fall.  The grace and wisdom of God shines through him!

I am overwhelmed when I think of my precious Uncle and the suffering that he is no longer experiencing and how happy I am that one day, we will be reunited in Heaven.  (And that my Daddy will also join in this reunion!)

I am overwhelmed with the mercies shown by the Almighty.  The Creator.  That He was faithful, even during the times that I haven’t been.

That He would humble himself to think of little ole me.

I truly have no words to describe the amazement I am feeling in my heart, in my soul.  The gratitude, the thanksgiving is pouring out, but these words that I have written just don’t adequately describe those feelings

And then I’m so thankful that He KNOWS.  He UNDERSTANDS my overwhelming emotion.

I praise Him beyond my words.  And He KNOWS.