What is Good?

I’m linking up with Kate over at Five Minute Friday once again.

The word today is good.


Are WE good?

People that is?

I’ve heard it said, even from pulpits that all people are good.

That is not true.

We are vile, evil, sinners.

There is nothing good is us, save Christ.

IF we are his.

If we were good, we’d have no need of a Savior.  We could save ourselves.  Because we wouldn’t be in need, just as Adam and Eve weren’t in need of salvation before the fall.

Mankind was good then, but sin entered the world.

OUR sin.

Great or small, doesn’t matter.  The Scriptures point out that we are murderers if we think about it.  We murder with our mind, even if we don’t with our actions, and that makes us murderers.

And that folks is what GOOD Friday is all about.


Taking our sin, yes, even those little sins, that don’t seem like a big deal.

Good Friday is Jesus on the cross with our sins, separated from the Father for a short time, so we can be cleansed of those “little” sins.  (and the big ones too).

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Do you KNOW Him?

By know, I don’t mean lip service.

I mean REALLY KNOW him?

Has your LIFE been changed?

Have you been made new?

Has He taken YOUR sin to the Cross?

If so, Praise Him!!!

If not, humble yourself and come to Him

You’re never too far gone.

It’s never too late.

As long as there is breath in you.


No matter where you are, no matter where you’ve been there is HOPE in Jesus Christ ALONE.

Nothing else offers hope like Christ on the Cross

Like Christ resurrected, seated at the right hand of the Father.

For all of eternity.

Because of God’s amazing grace, I will be there…

will you?