Truly Radical Christianity! Unoffendable

unoffendableI cannot believe I’m actually going to say this because I rarely find a book so revolutionary; but this book is a LIFE changer!  Yes, it was that good!  The author goes to the root of our offenses and talks about it head on.  Ready?  Anger.  That’s it.  We are easily offended because we are proud, angry and we don’t trust God to take care of things.  That’s the short story, but trust me, you’ll want to read this book!

As I began reading, I was concerned that Brant would go to the extreme and preach a mushy, gushy, we’ve got to just love everyone and get a long message.  My fears were relatively unsubstantiated, I say relatively because I’m sure there are people who would twist what was said to make it that message, but Brant does not.

The idea of giving up self has rarely been described so succinctly and pointedly.    There are moments of OUCH!  But amazingly, the author does it in a graceful way.  I never once felt condemned or belittled as my toes were being stepped on.  He made me want to strive to be “unoffendable”.  He encourages us, as he steps on toes, he says, ” When you start practicing it,  you realize; choosing to be unoffendable means actually, for real, trusting God”.

The chapters are short and the book is easy to read, and hard to put down.  It is filled with personal stories from Brant’s life as a Christian radio DJ, other life examples and Biblical examples to show us why and how to give up ourselves and live peaceably with others.  And in doing so, showing the love of Christ to those around us in a way that is rare and refreshing.

He challenges us to trust instead of being offended.  He gets to the crux of the Gospel.  That God is good.  Jesus took our sins and nailed them to the cross.  We are NOT good and nothing we can do will save us.  He talks a lot about our pride being the root of the anger and offensiveness.  And he reminds us that we have absolutely no right to be offended about anything.  We have the right to forgive.

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