God Meets Me

It’s another Five Minute Friday.  Seems it’s the only time I can make it over to post something lately, even though I have a million ideas running around in my head.  I’m so grateful for Kate’s encouragement.  5 minutes is enough.  The rules are simple.  Set a timer for 5 minutes of free writing, no edits, no backtracking, just writing.  Stop when the timer dings.  Post it on her page and comment on the person before you…simple?  Yes.  Now WHERE is my timer…

Mother’s day all around me.  People posting sweet things about their mothers.  Commercials begging you to do something special for Mom on this day.  But not for me.  You see the relationship with my Mom and I has always been somewhat rocky.  I don’t have that sweet relationship that the commercials depict…  I could go into details, but I won’t, it’s not necessary, or honoring so I’ll leave it at that.

The relationship with my mother in law when I was first married was wonderful, amazing.   But over the years, they’ve discovered I’m human, yep. I have warts.  Never mind that we all have warts…  Again, there is no reason to go into details, there’s no honor there…I hope I just say enough…without saying too much.

So here’s the good.  God has met me!  God has blessed me with a more wonderful husband that I could have ever asked for or imagined, one that loves me and gives me grace when the warts rear their ugly heads.  God has blessed me with 4 amazing children who I adore and who love me in spite of my warts…so while I mourn the passing of having my own mohter: I rejoice that  I have 2 daughters.  Two daughters that I will meet.  That I will have relationship with as the years grow by.  Two daughters that I will not turn away, that I will not reject, but that I will love and adore and give grace to in the same way they give grace to me.  Human relationship, hurt and pain at times, but forgiveness and grace at times too.  So while the commercials and Facebook posts sometimes sting, I will look to the now.  To the family God has gifted me.  To the future relationship that I hope to have with my girls, and with my future daughter in laws (where ever they may be)…

and I will know that God has met me.


2 thoughts on “God Meets Me

  1. I appreciate your post, Christine. It seems like we all have those people in our lives with whom the relationships are strained. I’m sorry your mother is one of them. That’s hard. I love your perspective though, and the fact that you can offer grace to your one-day daughters-in-love. That’s what I hope to do too.

    And, I love that God loves us, warts and all. There’s nothing we can do to turn Him away from us. Such comfort and joy in that truth! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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