Amazing Children. Amazing God

Yesterday we traveled a couple of short hours for our track nationals. There were some teams from as far away as Austin Texas and some as close as 20 minutes.

For those of you that have never been to a track event, please allow me the opportunity to explain:

It begins at 6 or 7 am. Sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later. Wake up sleepy eyed children. Run through drive through that you wouldn’t normally feed your kids for breakfast and COFFEE for grownups. Arrive at track 1 hour before any event, haul cooler, picnic basket, water bottles, track bag ( includes things from sunscreen to stocking caps and blanket), track shoes, water bottles, bungee cords, pop up tent, etc. etc. etc.

Find team. Set up tent. Kids warm up and then socialize for an hour or two or three before their first event is called. Start lining up on unprotected infield (aka place with no shade) an hour before event begins, wait. Cheer your friends as you wait some more. Cheer more friends as you wait some more. Finally arrive on the start line. Run for 13 seconds to a few short minutes ( depending on the event). Wait on the finish line until your dismissed. Return to stands or socializing with friends. Repeat.

Now that you understand the fun involved. Let me further explain that sometimes God decides this is not enough torture for the parents of said athletes. And sends heat, cold, wind, or rain. Sometimes all on the same day.  Sometimes a small sprinkle other times a torrential downpour. Guess what came yesterday????

Yes, you guess right.

Soaked to the bone. Even with cheap $1 ponchos. The ran came about 4 PM. It delayed the meet for about an hour.

But here’s the wonderful:

Isaac was helping our coaches, shielding a computer the best he could with an umbrella, finding the family and pitching in where he was needed. Malachi helped the coaches wife carry stuff to their car in his spikes! He was ready to jump in where needed! Got soaked to the bone doing it and all in uncomfortable shoes too. For those of you that don’t know his story, please allow me a little more time. He had issues when he came home. I mean screaming, crying throw himself on the ground in anger issues. 3 years old. It took a lot of work, a lot of forgiveness and God’s great grace, and not in that order, for him to overcome the anger. He had great foster parents who did what they could but he needed more. The first years with him were not a picnic. In fact they were downright U G L Y. And even more so I’m sure because those were my UGLY years too.  When I think of this especially, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our amazing Heavenly Father who redeemed both of us from the spiral…

And I got a report that my sweet Tabs had marvelous manners in the ladies room with the cleaning lady. My children ran great yesterday, and I am proud of that; but even more so, I’m proud of the people they are becoming. The people that God is molding them to become. And that my friends is the greatest mothers day gift I could receive.


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