Another One Bites the Dust

Yes, another “good” Christian goes down.

Josh Duggar has brought shame and humiliation to the Christian community.

How DARE he!

Doesn’t he KNOW that Christians are supposed to be PERFECT??????  Especially when they are a part of “that” family????  Even when they are a hormonal 14 year old!  Can you believe it???  He is a disgrace to good Christians everywhere…

I HOPE you realize by now that this is NOT what I actually believe. But this is how many Christians are acting toward this terrible situation.  This attitude I expect from unbelievers, but to those brothers and sisters in Christ that are passing judgement on the Duggars without intimately knowing the situation, “for shame, for shame, for shame”…to quote well known theologian Gomer Pyle.

There are several things that bug me about this situation and the handling of it.  For one, this happened when he was a hormonal teenager.  NO!  I’m not excusing what he did, but how many of us did stupid things when we were 14????  I know I’m guilty, and I’m sure you are too.  (Maybe not of that type of stupidity, but certainly of SOME type of teenage dumbness).  For me, and many others, some of those stupid things did include  “inappropriate” things.  But those things are in our past, forgiven by the blood of Christ.  Are their consequences?  Oh YEAH!  Always, and some come back to haunt us years later…as they have the Duggars.

I believe the reason this is such a big deal two-fold.  One is because it’s THE Duggars.  It’s because they’re “Christian” in the public limelight and Christians aren’t supposed to act like THAT?  Well, I want to know just WHO says that?  Because that’s not what my Bible says!  My Bible says ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but God’s GRACE is sufficient.  He has taken that sin and nailed it to the cross!

The 2nd is because it’s one of “those” sins….you know the kind that is worse than the rest.  It’s a BIG sin.  Involving sexuality.  Oh MY!  Christians may lie and cheat and steal, and gossip and get angry and___________ but NEVER, I repeat NEVER should they EVER get involved in THAT sin!  Anybody else see the ridiculousness of it all????

flawed people

Let’s get real here!  Schools are passing out condoms in middle school and we’re condemning the actions of a 14 year old boy?  The SAME age as those in middle school, by the way.  I think this is a big deal because he was raised in a God-fearing Christian home where the parents strive to teach Godly values to their children.  If that’s the case, every Christian parent should just hang it up now…because if we’re supposed to be perfect and have perfect families to teach our children Godly values, then we all are epic failures!

From the public information I’ve seen, the family dealt with it 12 years ago, sought counseling for all involved and practiced the grace they preach. The rest of us are victims.  Victims of the media frenzy that seeks and finds terrible, horrible evidence on those that claim the blood of Christ for salvation. We don’t have enough facts to know everything. Nor do we need to know–one of the downsides to technology.

I expect this of the world, but of brothers and sisters in Christ?  We should expect more.

I think we’ve forgotten about God’s grace in this situation.  Many of us pass judgment and point fingers when our “little” sin is just as vile to the Lord.

Forgiveness and love to a brother in Christ, that’s our responsibility.

I love what Todd Friel had to say about the situation.  For the complete article click the link. (Thanks Christi)

“Josh tendered his resignation to the Family Research Council and they accepted it. While none of us know all of the details, if Josh were in my employ, I would not have accepted his resignation.

I would have shouted from the rooftops, If you think Josh is wicked, you should meet the rest of us! That is why we are Christians! We need forgiveness for being wretched, vile, wicked rebels. If you are a rebel too, Jesus died for you! Run to Jesus! Join the wretched club … Jesus died for perverts, liars, thieves, drunkards, abortionists, Wall Street fat cats, skid row bums, suburban housewives, blue collar workers and every sinner who will come to Him in repentance and faith.”
— Todd Friel

 Let’s not forget that this information is SUPPOSED to be sealed because he was a minor at the time.  None of us should even KNOW that this happened. And quite frankly it’s none of our business.  As a side note:  I wish that reporter would go after some folks in Washington with the same tenacity they found this information. 

The bottom line is the media has been looking for something for years to fault the Duggars with, now they’ve found it. 

Congratulations for making gossip newsworthy.

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  1. Just what I was thinking. Thanks for putting it in black and white. Christians need to stand up for one another and show the world that through grace you can get past your sin. Josh seems to be a very upstanding young man now and that is what should be celebrated. As you said things were handled correctly at the time so the past should be the past.


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