The Color Blue

Random thoughts about blue. It brings many things to mind. Mainly music. My life in songs of blue:

Rhythm and Blues reminds me of many years ago in my life b.c. Late nights in Memphis on Beale St. The atmosphere was unlike normal. The entertainers on the street. The music in the bars. On the street. The raspy rhythm and blues.

Memphis brings memories of Elvis. How could it not? Blue Suede Shoes, anyone?

Blues, Rock n Roll, country classic and bluegrass all in one state. How cool is that?

The color blue also reminds me of Neil Diamond. “Song Sung Blue”.

Diamond. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
I love looking at the sky on a beautiful, sunny day. When the sky is bright blue. When the clouds are bright white.

Skies? Blue Skies and Rainbows and Sunbeams from Heaven

If the skies above you are gray you are feeling so blue. If your cares and burdens are great all the whole day through. There’s a sliver lining that shines in the heavenly land. Look by faith and see it my friend trust in his promises grand.

Do you trust in His promises grand? The older I grow the more I realize how short this life truly is. We can live life the way we wish. We can think this is all there is. But the truth is there is more. There is eternity. There is Heaven and thee is Hell. It’s not popular to think about. But that doesn’t change the facts.

God’s magnificent grace for those that realize their wretchedness and humble themselves. And God’s justice for those that refuse the grace that He gives for those that believe.

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2 thoughts on “The Color Blue

  1. Oh yes! “The older I get the more I realize how short this life really is.” Me too! Me too! And what a wonderful gift it is in so many ways and just to delight in each day and find the joy. And how much more wonderful heaven is going to be!!! So grateful for God’s magnificent grace!


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