Fear or Faith????

We live in a world of fear.





fear for our children, “don’t take candy from strangers” has turned into helicopter parenting.

fear that someone will hurt us,physically or mentally, or emotionally.

We fear people that don’t look like us, sound like us or act like us.

Hording food because we may not have enough “someday” if we don’t

We have built walls…

not that we shouldn’t be cautious.  We SHOULD.  But should it debilitate us?

For goodness sake NO!

Be anxious for nothing…

What can man do to me…

not a spirit of fear, but of peace…

Instead of focusing on the fear, building the fear, walking around stuck because we fear

let’s instead put behind that which hinders us and walk in FAITH.

Faith that God is sovereign.

Faith that HE is on the throne, even when it doesn’t look like it.

Faith that His plan is perfect.

Faith that no matter WHAT, He cares for us and we can give Him our burdens.

We can trust Him in ALL things

Will you join me today in being a faith builder instead of a fear builder?

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2 thoughts on “Fear or Faith????

  1. Thank you for this! We do live in a world of fear and we (especially me!) tend to take all the bad to heart and dwell on it, whether we mean to or not. Fear can be so overpowering, but if we would just reach out to God and allow Him fill our hearts, we could be empowered by faith!

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