The Stars and Bars –a Southern Girls view

I’ve honestly not read much about the outcry for the removal of the Confederate flag, same dance different partner.  This outcry has been going on for some time.  Long enough that most, if not all southern states have designed new state flags and the old ones are probably hanging in a musty museum somewhere.


It’s been more prevalent, some friends on FB are wondering what’s the big deal…so I’ll tell you…

Would you get bent out of shape if people started attacking your state flag?

What if they were attacking Old Glory? A symbol of 200+ years of History?

Well, I’m officially bent out of shape!

The Confederate flag, aka the Stars and bars.  It represents HISTORY.  A history that many may not like, and a history that, like many things has been rewritten.  Many southern states had the stars and bars as part of their state flag, some have been removed.  Because of reaction to public outcry from those that don’t UNDERSTAND!  All they see is hate, because that’s what the squeaky wheel wants. But that’s not the truth! Without our AMERICAN flag, there would be no Confederate flag! (Battle Flag of North Virginia)

Did you know that’s the REAL name of the flag we call The Confederate Flag, the Rebel flag, the Stars and Bars?

Battle Flag of Northern Virginia

Do you know the REAL reason for the Civil War?  It was about STATE’S RIGHTS!  Not about slavery! But you won’t read that in your kid’s textbook!

Want to know the TRUE MEANING to the Confederate flag? Nope, I never read that in MY textbook either!

Sad day!

Reaction is NEVER the solution to a problem.  It brings knee jerk decisions that are most often not the wisest or best.  Much of today’s history has been rewritten because people have reacted.

Shane actually thinks there’s an ulterior motive, a mentally disturbed, drugged out racist doesn’t have much to do with a Confederate flag…he may be right…it may be MUCH more calculated!

We can’t teach that Christianity was the foundation to this country, so they make George Washington a Deist.  The truth is Ben Franklin was our only founding father that had no confirmed Christian faith, and even he had a pew at The Old North Church!  Which means he probably had more faith, than most Christians do today!  Some of Thomas Jefferson’s writings were somewhat ambiguous, but he wasn’t a Deist! He believed in the one true God.  So much so, that our government is founded on the Biblical model!  HIJACKED!

Several years ago, we were in Philadelphia and were absolutely surprised that the Liberty bell supposedly stood for Civil Rights.  WRONG!!!!!!  It was ringing to proclaim L I B E R T Y…DUH…the Liberty Bell…HIJACKED!

Yes, my emotions are raw right now!  I am frustrated that our country’s freedom is being whittled away because a few IDIOTS want control!

People WAKE UP!  Taking away MY southern heritage is NOT gonna change Charleston!  It won’t change 9-11 or Columbine, Trevon Martin, or George Tiller, or any other senseless murder!!!!

JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY thing that will change ANY of this SIN!

When I see the Stars and Bars I am reminded of HOME!  I am reminded of History.  I am reminded of Granny Clampet and a goofy 1970’s TV show.  It brings warm memories to me to see it fly!  Yes, I’m proud of my southern upbringing.

When I hear Dixie, I am reminded of home!  And it gives me the warm fuzzies.

And YOU can’t take that AWAY! (Lee Greenwood, “Proud to be an American”)

In our house we don’t focus on skin color.  (Have you seen my family)  Although, we’ve been talking about it more in light of recent events.

Allow me to remind you that GOD made all the colors of the rainbow.  Something else that has been hijacked.  And it HACKS me, what I really want to say is it pisses me off, but I’m a good Christian girl and that word isn’t…sorry, I can’t think of a better word to describe the emotions I feel at all of this senselessness that will do nothing to RESOLVE the situation.

Removing the Confederate flag will do NOTHING to bring those 9 people back, or to save others!!!

It’s a HEART issue.

It’s a battle between God and the Evil One for our souls!  Satan LOVES the reaction!  It pits people against people and then people forget about other people’s eternal future.

It’s amazing to me HOW we could have lived for decades without it being a problem but now that we’re more and only now  “enlightened” we are becoming less tolerant of others rights.

We tout, live and let live…but we don’t live it.

More like live and let live unless you’re offending me…

And everything offends someone so no one has freedom

Quite frankly all this nonsense makes we want to fly one proudly at my house in Missouri (wouldn’t THAT be something!)But I’m afraid DFS would come take my kids away if I did that, because they certainly wouldn’t understand!

Yes, that’s what the world is coming to…

Loving the Stars and Bars, (and NOT a racist, just a southern girl who loves her history)

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