God’s Grace among Shattered Dreams

I KNOW I have written before about the dreams I had for myself, and our family in our early years.  And boy did we ever.

But none of those dreams cam to fruition the way we planned.

We have 4 beautiful children that came by adoption long before we thought adoption was part of our plan.

And we had dreams for how our family would be…

the “perfect’ little family with a little house and a white picket fence where everything was always rainbows and roses and the children always wore cute little outfits and said “Yes M’aam” and “Yes, Sir” never argued or talked back and ALWAYS obeyed…


Little me tell you, life came along and messed up THAT plan!

We wanted to shelter our children from the ugly of the world and raise them to know the Lord.  We were careful about what we let into our home…the t.v. shows, movies, people etc.

We wanted to raise them in a way that I wasn’t raised.

And we have.  Hannah is sweet 19 and never been kissed.  Buy the time I was her age…well, we just won’t go there today, but suffice it to say that I had lost my innocence many years before.   Our children do know the Lord and they Love the Lord, but while I was sick, things came into our home that I didn’t want there,  movie stars and music that I didn’t want my children listening to because “good” Christian families listen to christian music and hymns

and not THAT kind of music

STOP  (but I can’t cause there’s more to this story I need to put here.)

“good” Christian families have standards and expectations.

The children will obey immediately, the first time, no exceptions.

Well you know what?  In the real world that just doesn’t happen.

At least it didn’t in our home.

You want to know what the “bad” music and movie stars were?

Music from musicals mostly.

Phantom of the Opera (not my favorite, but not what it could have been!)

Momma Mia

Amy Adams

and similar…

no heavy metal, no nasty rap, nothing terribly ugly…

So now, as my oldest recently turned 19 and my 3 youngers (15 to 9) show incredible insight to things of God,  They are respectful, responsible and fun to be around (most of the time).  They are thinkers and dreamers and just plain ole GREAT kids!

And I am content.

And I am thankful that God worked in our home the way He wanted, instead of the way we wanted.

I let go of the dream I held and I am content with the dreams that weren’t.

I am SO proud of the young men and ladies that they are becoming…

moving away from legalism and toward grace in the Almighty.

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One thought on “God’s Grace among Shattered Dreams

  1. Wow. Your words truly resonated with me – I’m a mom of four – ages 20-12 – and God pried my sin-tained dreams out of my hands with each one, replacing them with His bigger, perfect dreams. Your family is a testimony to His grace and perfect plans. May He remind you gently of that each day. Loved your post! Thanks for sharing!


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