No One Deserves Happiness–Some Thoughts on Current Events

This country’s freedom has been whittled away over the last decades and now we’re reaping the repercussions.

The Confederate flag is being attacked and removed, but the American flag can be burned and desecrated in the name of freedom.

Forced healthcare is FREEDOM?

But everyone forgot about that ruling, didn’t they?

Because the Supreme Court ruled their politics instead of our Constitution last week. They “re-defined” marriage, but you see, they really didn’t re-define anything.  God defines marriage in His word.  One man, one woman for life.

But we live in a twisted world, so while this is no surprise, it can still be heartbreaking for us as a country.

I’ve seen comments on FB from people declaring that “everyone deserves happiness” and comments that “they can’t help it, it’s genetics”  Obama flew a rainbow flag over the PEOPLE’S house, when only a small percentage of this country actually wants same-sex marriage.  I’ve seen comments stating that since it doesn’t affect us directly or our economy, etc., this shouldn’t be a big deal.  One commenter even made the statement that it’ll be live and let live at this point…churches won’t be forced to marry those that are same-sex attracted, etc. etc.  What a deceived culture we live in today…

HELLO!  One such “couple” closed down a bakery owned by someone who suggested they use another bakery because the owner had a Biblical conviction against homosexual marriage…I don’t think the same-sex community will just roll over and be happy now…much like the Women libbers of the 70’s have done…staunch “equality” people actually demand MORE than equality!

I’m thinking there may be many posts regarding recent events. i need to get my many thoughts out of my head and this is the way I do it.

Agree? Fine.  Disagree?  Fine.

I’ve always said, my blog MY thoughts.  If you disagree, I expect you to be respectful.  If you don’t like what I say, you’re free to move on and you’re even free to start your OWN blog.  (for now)

Let me say on the forefront.  GOD is on His throne.  This isn’t a surprise to Him and I trust Him and his perfect plan completely. I don’t understand it, but I trust that He knows what he’s doing!  This doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned, or fear the future of this country. God made us with minds to think and reason and that’s what I’m doing here.

Today, I’d like to address the “everyone deserves happiness” argument.

I want people happy too.  But NO ONE deserves happiness or anything else!  We don’t deserve a job, to be taken care of, to eat, to have a nice house,  a nice car, or______________.

We are ALL filled with sin and nothing good, apart from God’s grace, is in us.  I wrote about this quite a while back.  Here and here and way back in 2007 too.

I KNOW it’s pop culture to believe that we are inherently good, and we deserve to be happy, but that is a lie from the pit of Hell and all a part of the humanistic religion.

If you don’t want to go read the posts, here’s the thumbnail:

We are inherently full of sin, like filthy rags, (bloody, yucky rags).  We deserve Hell.  Only because of Christ’s shed blood on the cross in our place, are we worthy of anything. When we are saved, His blood makes us “good” before the Father.

If we are saved, we spend an eternity with our Heavenly Father, If we are not saved, we spend eternity in Hell. God is a truly righteous and just God.  Yeah, I know, not a popular word in this mock utopia society, but no matter what you and I believe the truth is the TRUTH!

God’s truth, is THE truth.

Not believing it won’t change it.

God’s word says “at the name of JESUS, every knee WILL bow, in Heaven and on Earth”  (Philippians 2:10)

Even the Demons tremble because they KNOW, but their knowing is useless without faith (James 2:19-20)

God opens the eyes of some, and others remain blind.  I don’t even come close to pretending I understand His reasoning where salvation is concerned, but I know this is the way it is…

So for those of you that believe everyone deserves happiness, I’m sorry but you’re wrong.  I didn’t say it, God said it.

But let’s put God aside for a minute, shall we?

There was a time when even the world recognized same-sex attraction as a deviant behavior…it has only been removed from the diagnostic manual for mental illness in recent years.

Let’s consider some other acts that are currently thought to be deviant behavior in our culture.

Let’s imagine someone comes before the courts and says

“I like molesting 5-year-old boys, it makes me happy”

Well, EVERYONE deserves happiness, don’t they?

how about a woman who believes she can be happy with a dog?

Well, EVERYONE deserves to be happy, don’t they?

How about a man who says I want many wives, instead of one?

Well, EVERYONE deserves to be happy, don’t they?

How about someone who murders, and rapes others for their pleasure (happiness)

Well, EVERYONE deserves to be happy don’t they?

Naw, I didn’t think you’d agree.  And quite honestly, you’ve probably convinced yourself that it would NEVER come to that…but I say, it’s only a matter of time before someone steps forward with one of these, or another similar argument.  Bottom line is even apart from God’s authority on the matter, it’s a faulty argument.

***Again, let me remind you (if you’re still with me, or have ever been with me).  I’m writing these posts for ME, to get my thoughts clarified.  I’m not writing for anyone else, I never have…my blog my thoughts and for the time being I am allowed to have them.