Where is Hope?

This has been a hard week.  I’ve been burdened deep down in my soul.  There is much pain and suffering in the world.  Things that shouldn’t happen to children, do happen.  Innocence is no more.  Secrets and pain are pushed way down in the soul.  Masks are worn and happy faces and fake joy take the place of the pain.  Marriages fail from infidelity, or alcohol, or just because one or another decides they don’t want to be there anymore.  Children, young adults, older adults and the elderly attempt to take away the pain by popping pills or other means of stopping their breath; some succeed.

I’m weary today with the burden of others.  I’m working my way through The Mended Heart by Suzie Eller with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.  And I’m leading a small group of 20 ladies through it. This weeks chapters were about sexual sins, adultery, molestation and the like.  How devastating!    I’m reading the blog and it is heartbreaking. Stories of pain and brokenness have been shared.  And I know it’s only a glimpse of those with deep soul wrenching suffering beneath their masks.

And stories of HOPE!  Like Melissa’s.

There is HOPE!  God SEES!  God HEARS the pain! God HEALS!!  God is VICTORIOUS!!!  For the believer, we are assured that our pain is for a purpose.  Nothing happens by chance.  Everything is for our good (Yes, even that) and His glory.  He uses the circumstances of our lives to mold us into who HE wants us to be, so others can see the beauty he can make from the ashes.

He takes the dead and brings it to life!

He takes the dross away and brings the gold forth!

He makes beautiful out of a lump of clay!

He IS HOPE!  He REDEEMS!  And makes something beautiful from it!

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