He Doesn’t Have to Try

Once upon a time in a land far away, people were actually responsible for how they lived, instead of others being responsible for how they live.

children were free to ride bikes, sans helmets, and no one got angry when they ended up in the ER.

People were smart enough to figure out that a cup of coffee is SUPPOSED to be hot, and if you do something stupid with it, you WILL get burned.

There were only restraining orders if there was a reason to have them, today, you tell the powers that be, “I FEEL” threatened and BAM!  A restraining order is issued, whether or not you REALLY are threatened or not.

We could buy the light bulbs and toilets for our home that we WANTED, instead of what is mandated by those in authority.

It seems like the farther we get away from God’s law the closer we get to legislating morality.

Does that concern anyone else?

When we legislate morality, we become legalistic.

A list of does and don’t’s  (and I don’t want to even THINK about where that might lead)

Yes, we need laws, we need some rules, but when we start legislating things that were not meant to be legislated, trouble will follow.

Yet everyone cries FREEDOM!  We want FREEDOM!  But there is no freedom…

we can’t even have any negative thoughts in our own minds about anything or anyone…

the confederate flag offends,

RebelFlagyet the planned parenthood flag flies free

planned parenthood flagphoto credit liveactionnews.org

sad, yes, really sad…no not the flag (although yes, the flag too)

the freedom these people are looking for, is right there for the taking.

Jesus Christ offers so much more than these wanderers could even imagine in their wildest dreams finding

and yet they continue to search…

they continue to place restrictions on others in the name of freedom for themselves.

a bakery refuses service because of conviction and they’re labeled as bigots and they’re forced to close shop.

but those that screamed bigot, want tolerance for their “convictions”.

we’re all supposed to be happy and rejoice because those with same-sex attraction can now “marry”

How can I sit still and watch while people, sad, sad people are seeking the answer.  Yet they reject THE answer, sometimes in hostility and HATE. Yes, the same ones that cry tolerance, cry HATE when they’re told there’s another way.

Because they want to live their own life.

How can


Yes, truth be told, I DO understand!  God blinds the eyes of some and enables others to see clearly.  Why?  That I don’t understand, and I don’t even try.  Here’s what I do KNOW, God is BIG and I am small…I trust Him because He doesn’t have to try, he KNOWS!

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