Am I a Writer????

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I am a writer.  There I said it.  But Am I a Writer???  There’s the debate. The one going on in the recesses of my brain in recent days.  I’ve never considered myself a writer.  I’m a blogger.  But, does that make me a writer?

I’m embarking on a writer’s retreat this weekend, but I’m not sure I belong.

Others have called me a writer.  At my sweet Uncle’s funeral in December several of my relatives encouraged me when I mentioned writing about my “legendary Uncle” for the 31 day challenge in the coming year.  “You’re the writer in the family” they said.  Even then, it didn’t click.  I’m a writer?

I tell people I blog, or “I’m a blogger”, but NEVER “I’m a WRITER”  That title comes with a certain flair.  A flair that I don’t possess.

But.  I. am. a. writer.

Truth be told, I’ve been a writer for a long time.

I’ve even been published. HA!

In my 6th grade graduation program.

I wrote a poem, and it made the program.  Wanna know the title?


Yep!  Those little beastly creatures that can invade any home with an animal host. And invade with a vengeance.   They had invaded my childhood home and I wrote about it.  (Thinking back, I’m SURE my mother LOVED that!)

Today I have no idea what that poem said.  And I’m not even sure a copy still exists.  Maybe somewhere in a box in my one of my mothers closets…or, maybe not.

When I was young, I collected poetry.  Mostly dribble from the Teen Beat magazine that was so popular back then.

Over the years I have written a few praise choruses that have remained mine alone.

And in my early married years, I submitted articles to a little home published magazine called “Homewords” or “Homewards”  I can’t remember which any longer, or even the name of the sweet lady that published it.

I suppose the magazine is long gone.

Copies of those articles are stored in a box somewhere amid yesteryear’s memories.

I tend to think of writers as those with articles of worth.  Those with books published.

C.S. Lewis

Mark Twain

Dr. Seuss

John Owen

James Dobson

Suzie Eller

Beth Moore

all I would consider writers…authors.

Call me old-fashioned, but does word-smithing on a blog, mainly as a place to pen my thoughts for myself, make me a writer?

Some would say yes, claim it; others, like myself, not so much.

I’ve always said I write for me.  For myself.  I had some folks encouraging me to go more public and I did; but before that, and even now, I’m content if no one reads my blog.  That said, don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy comments, and likes; but I refuse to let page views and statistics dictate my blog. I’ve been writing well over 10 years…I have a postie note  with the exact date I started blogging scribbled down somewhere around here  but that’s not important to me.

If I wrote in a diary instead of a blog (weblog) would I be a writer?

If my poetry and praise choruses stay to myself does that make me a writer?

If I were to paint a picture, would that make me a painter?

What about singing?  I LOVE to sing.  But does that make me a singer?

Dancer?  I taught ballroom dancing and won trophies in competitions many years ago.  I LOVE to dance!  Does that make me a dancer?

Speaker?  I’ve spoken to groups many times over the years, but am a speaker?

I used to autocross and I’ve driven an open wheel formula car at Road Atlanta.  Does that make me a race car driver?

I think just because I do something, it doesn’t make me something.

So for now, I’ll be content to call myself

not a writer, but one who writes.

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One who writes

 P.S.  After attending the FMF Retreat, I realized that I can have a writing LIFE without having a writing CAREER.  I AM a writer!!!!!!   !***This was a post I wrote before the FMFRetreat, as I started reading through “On Being a Writer”  I’ve tweaked it a little to accommodate the link up; but it is nearly exactly the same as I don’t want to lose how I felt at the time. ***

I’m linking up with the On Being A Writer discussion group over at Kate’s Heading Home.  Wanna join us?  It’s not too late!


6 thoughts on “Am I a Writer????

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  2. Who will pass the judgement of whether we cross the line between doing something and being something? Will it be income? Will it be acclaim? Will it be dedication? I keep asking the same questions. Do the questions matter? Only if they stop us from doing what we love.

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  3. For as much as you write and as much as you love to write, you can call yourself a writer. what were the 2 words? intent and effort. both describe you in terms of writing. you may not feel like a writer until you make money doing it, but you are still a writer who does her writing on a blog. the fact that your family considers you to be a writer is another demonstration that you are:)

    i see the fact that you (or I) are not CS Lewises or Ernest Hemingways does not mean we aren’t writers. just like their styles are very different, so are ours. we work to improve our writing in terms of communicating better, making it clearer and also understanding where our niche is. (that has more to do with goal setting.)

    that helped me a lot for my blog. i still wrote about most of the same things but sometimes the perspective was a bit different as i realized my goal for the blog. it was very interesting. i wasn’t writing willy nilly as much.


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