Tell FMF Retreat

I love to tell the story…what story? The story of Jesus. The story of old, unseen things above.

I also love to tell the story of my 4 precious blessings. The awesome God stories the stories of their homecoming to our family.

I love to tell the stories of my children’s childhood. Chasing pigs and cows and chickens in the country. Of hiding in the big, tall pine tree when they we’re little. The pine tree that succumbed to the pine tree plague and died, and burned in our woodstove.

The story of Isaac jumping from another pine tree with a plastic Wal-Mart sack thinking that it’d work like a parachute. Of Hannah dancing in the yard singing let’s go fly a kite on a windy March day many years ago. Of Tabitha’s joy! Of Malachi’s sweet tender spirit after so much anger released from forgiveness.

I love to tell the story of how Shane and I met. of our courtship and marriage and how he didn’t really kiss me until we were husband and wife, even though I had lived another life.

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A post made at the Five Minute Friday Retreat.