Reflections on a Weekend Away

I was among the close to 20 something wonderful ladies and the bundle of sweetness and smiles, little baby Haven, that gathered at a lakeside cabin in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee for the Five Minute Friday retreat.  Here’s the beautiful morning view from the deck as we gathered to drink our coffee (or tea, depending on preference).

fmf viewTruth time.  I wasn’t really sure WHY I was there.  I wasn’t really sure I should have been there.  After all, I’m not really sure I’m a writer; but my friend Melinda’s  enthusiasm was contagious and we were among the first to sign up way back… and we arrived after an adventurous beginning that included a flat tire and some nature exploration along the interstate near Metropolis, IL.

FMF retreat melinda and IBut that’s not what this post is supposed to be about.

This post is supposed to be about  “what’s my biggest take away from the retreat?”

Surprisingly, I learned that I AM a writer!

During our hangout chat with the authors of “On Being A Writer” (Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig) one of the ladies made the comment that

“a writing life is not the same as a writing career.”

That really resonated with me.  I am a writer, because I have a writing life.  Will I ever have a writing career?  Only God knows which leads to the next biggest take away from the weekend that didn’t hit me until the middle of Tuesday night when I woke up thinking about a long-lost dream…the dream that my husband and I have had to minister to families.

Many moons ago,  we made a flyer for Home and Family Ministries. A brainchild we created that never came to fruition.  We wanted to speak, and have retreats, and help families be all they could be. Help marriages succeed.  Encourage parents to parenting with intention.  This was when we were newly married.  Well before blogging was so mainstream, if it was yet at all…that was in the days of dial up internet and before Amazon and Google.

WHY we thought we were ready for that kind of endeavor is beyond me. But, we wonder if now is the time?  We’ve been through life for 21 years together, adding 4 children, and 2 dogs and a cat to the mix among other various critters that have come and gone.  We’ve had highs and lows.  Beautiful and ugly.  And we’ve been real through it all!

Who knows if ANYTHING will come of it, but we’re ready to put our toes in the water and step out in faith and begin a new thing.

So I got up in the middle of the night and started brainstorming this new child.  Looking on WordPress for a blog address that would work.  Here’s what I came up with:

Christian Home Life   

I’m delving into the world of mailchimp and going back over all the notes on promoting a blog from the retreat.  Those notes that I think didn’t apply to me because:

a) I wasn’t a writer

b) I was just a lil’ eclectic wife and momma blogger; 12 years I’ve been writing, and I’m still a lil’ eclectic wife and momma blogger.  And I’m still content with that here at homeskoolmom.

But the retreat, in an odd twist of events, has revived a dream…

FEAR of man is rearing it’s ugly head. Even as I sit here typing this, I wonder if we’re crazy, if I should hit the publish button.  But I refuse to to let it dictate what will come.  Man will not be my God.  I will replace the fear of man with the fear of the Lord, as Trillia, with the beautiful smile, reminded us Saturday morning.

FMF Kate and TrilliaThanks Melinda for the photo

And being BRAVE is coming behind the thoughts of fear.  And we WILL be brave, Shane and I. Mary reminded us Sunday morning that it is easier to stay stuck in the boat; but sometimes that is not what He wants!  Sometimes He wants us to be brave like Peter, and step out of the boat.

Mary, my husband and I are steppin’ out of the boat and being brave.  Many of those steps came long ago…

and now, we wait expectantly to see what, if anything God will do with this new venture!

At this point, only He knows!

We could be absolute nobodies…in that case we’ll keep doing what we’re doing; except we’ll blog with intention at Christian Home Life and maybe, just maybe influence a small sphere of readers in future years…

Or maybe? We will have to be patient and see…

 I LOVE this blog!  It’s my crazy, random place to be me, to bounce here and there, with rambling thoughts; no rhyme or reason. Thoughts flowing freely

And it will continue to be just that, a place for my rambling thoughts…but Christian Home Life, it will be more intentional, more focused with a purpose.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the new blog!

Thank you Kate Motaung (Mo-tay-oong–I think I got it) Holly, Jen and Mary for all your hard work!


23 thoughts on “Reflections on a Weekend Away

  1. Isn’t is great to have a husband and Father to swim by as we get out of the boat!!! I’m thankful that you were able to sit on the deck that final morning with me and others as we talked about our faith, our families, and shared warm beverages. We warmed each others’ souls this week, and we are on fire to write. Love it! Jenn Cook


  2. Thank you for being there, Christy! Such a joy to get to know you in real life. You are a writer, my friend (I loved those words of Charity’s too). Blessings on your new venture and congrats on being BRAVE!! xoxo


  3. Wow, Christy!! I love everything about your words here on this page and how God is empowering your husband and you to step out of the boat. It is amazing to see and read about. I will be praying for you and your husband and look forward to hearing more. I am blessed to have met you this weekend!!! 🙂


    • Thank you Mary! I’ll be honest, I haven’t liked all the brave talk I’ve heard lately, but you, dear lady, made it come alive for me. Peter and I, kindred spirits.


  4. Yes! Jesus walked along the shore and just started picking up people… “you, come with me… and you too” (I’m paraphrasing) because God LOVES using “absolute nobodies”! He only uses them… so do what God has placed in your heart and let Him handle the outcomes. Large stages, platforms, and numbers don’t mean nothing. You only have to touch one/One! Can’t wait to hear more…


    • Tondra, thank you for your kind words. And you are RIGHT! Even ONE matters! And I can get excited at ONE; especially if it’s only even the Audience of One. Thanks for stopping by today!


  5. Christy, blessings and prayers as you start this new venture. I am the Director of Home and Family Ministry at a church. How can we equip homes/families to talk faith and values? I think your new blog would be a wonderful resource for parents…to learn from your experience etc. Wish I would have been able to go to the retreat too. Loving reading all of your reflections.


    • Tara, it would have been fun to have you! Please feel free to share the blog with your families, or wait until we look a little more professional with some more posts, etc. I will be posting here again, or you’re welcome to start following Christian Home Life now 🙂 Lord willing, there will be more there soon 🙂 it’s interesting and fun to read everyone’s perspective.


  6. Funny, thing Susan, that you liken the new blog to childbirth. We KNOW long labor, it often comes with adoption, but never 18ish years of labor until now. And the pains? yes,they started last night with a vengeance. It took me several hours (with Shane and our oldest) to figure out that we can’t use mailchip unless we have a .org site…UGH! Yes! the pain has begun.Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Christy, i’m so glad you came away from the retreat realizing you are a writer! i felt so sad that after all these years of writing you kept talking about yourself as NOT a writer. not only that, but now you are branching out and doing something with your husband that will fulfill a dream you have had for a long time. as we both know, the advice you give re marriage and family at this point, will be much more valuable than it was when you first had this dream.

    i’m so glad we met. i look forward to seeing what happens with your new blog…as well as the old one:) blessings girl:)

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    • Thank you Martha! The idea of a writing life vs a writing career made it gel for me. 🙂 Maybe one of these days we’ll have a writing career too. We’ll just have to see what the future holds. Our oldest 2 were under the age of 4 when we printed the brochure; even then we had done things differently, (and I’m sure we’ll write about it at the new blog) but with no mileage behind us…well let’s just say life has humbled us a little since then.


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