This Dinosaur Learned a New Trick FMF

Twitter.  I vowed to stay away and I did for a VERY long time.  I even resisted during Proverbs 31 OBS Twitter parties.  And I LOVE my OBS sisters, so the fact that FIve Minute Friday got me there says a LOT!  Last weekends writer’s retreat had me more than a little curious about the fellowship and friendships made in 140 characters or less.

So guess where I was tonight?  I can’t even believe it.  Yes, the dinosaur, the one that didn’t know what a launch was, or Voxxing, or how to use google hangouts (even IF I did have a camera thingy on my computer), actually made it to the #fmfparty tonight.

I didn’t think I could learn how to keep up.  And I’m not sure I did. But I was told I was doing fine,

See here’s the proof

You are rocking it Christy!

probably because you ARE keeping up

Will I do it again?  Probably?  Will it be a regular thing?  Probably not.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and I enjoyed being there, but my time is getting away from me, and one more thing on my plate on a regular basis?  Sometimes ya gotta say no.

I’m certain at some point I’ll to learn how to make one of those cute little “click to tweet” box to use in my blog.  But not tonight.  Tonight this ole dino is tired; so no late night tonight trying to figure out something else new in the cyberspace world.  And I want to go enjoy the stars with my darling!

Tonight this dinosaur will dream of little blue birds and frantic craziness all around me.  And I will be thankful for


seeing “old” new friends made by driving down a winding road, past the deer that were playing to a cabin by the lake and for making new friends, including one who lives in my hometown, whose husband went to my high school (West High Rebels) a year ahead of me. How cool is that?

Christy signature

P.S.  And NOW I understand…twitter party, Friends made, friends made visit blogs, relationships formed.  Not like old school days where you got to know each other in the comments of the blog…the fog is lifting.

I’m linking up with Kate at Five Minute Friday.  The rules are simple.  5 minutes of free writes on her one word prompt. No edits (yes I did, because I can’t not. and I was EXTREMELY tired last night,haha) and then visit and comment on the persons blog before you.  Yes, it’s that simple.  And if you DO edit like me, there is no edit police to wrap your knuckles either.  You can find out more here.

And if you get a chance, check out our NEW blog that was birthed from the FMF retreat


13 thoughts on “This Dinosaur Learned a New Trick FMF

  1. I still haven’t learned how to add one of those “Click to Tweet” boxes myself. Perhaps we can learn together. I’m parked in the #12 spot this week. And welcome to the Twitter party. So glad you were able to join us.


    • Tara and Christy–Yes even us “younger dinosaurs” need some help! I have Twitter, but I don’t party! Ha! I don’t know how to do the “click to tweet” thing either. I’m a morning girl so whenever one of you wants to Tweet or Facebook message me…perhaps we can figure it. Jenn Cook @graceglimmers


    • Christy and Tara!!!! I figured out how to add “click to tweet!” It was not so hard after all! I you-tubed a 3 min video, and I did it in about 15 min or less on my own. IF I can do it again then I’ve learned a new trick!!!! Jenn
      p.s. What are your Twitter names?


  2. i just started recently…at Dan King’s insistence, with the click to tweet. i didn’t use them b/c i tho’t they were insulting to the intelligence of the person reading…as if they can’t figure out what is worth tweeting?! but he suggested that it makes things easier for the reader to share info from my post. it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. it is a wordpress plug-in…or is it a widget? either way, it is pretty easy…even i can figureot pot


  3. Oh man. You and I do have a LOT in common, sista! And you just reminded me that I want one of those click to tweet boxes too! oh man, one more thing to add to the new blog before the release Monday. ACK!! oh and my Twitter handle is ruthiegray123.
    I enjoyed your post a LOT. And I giggled. I’m so glad someone else out there is struggling with the techno thing. 😉


  4. Love this!!! I, am a techie dinosaur as well!!! The Twitter party is so much fun, isn’t it? I am not even a writer but they have welcomed me with open arms. I missed the retreat because it was my 29th anniversary weekend – maybe next time.

    BTW…Thanks for the mention in your blog! Go Rebels!!! 🏉


    • We just celebrated 21 years on Friday! I hope there will be a next time 🙂 You let me know if you want to create a blog, easy peasy. I’ll help ya!


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