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The authors of On Being a Writer are working with Kate, Five Minute Friday Kate, and Heading Home Kate to lead an online discussion group on their book.  I’m participating and linking up over there.  This is a scary step for me because it DOES mean that

I think I am a writer.

The thoughts posed today were on having a dedicated workspace for writing…

I had a free consult with Dan over at Fistbump media Monday (part of the perks of the retreat, THANK YOU, Kate et. all and Dan)  and have taken the plunge.  My blog is the first…if you’ll notice, there is no .wordpress.com in my address line anymore, and he’ll be taking care of the techo stuff that this technology challenged chick doe NOT understand.  christianhomelife is next.   Now, y’all may not understand, but there are tears in my eyes as I write this.  I’ve been writing for around 12 years, and I’ve always had a .homeskoolmom. something.com blog.

This is a HUGE, and I mean HUGE step for me…it puts me even further in the realm of the real writing world.

AND it puts money behind it…yeah, in our one income, home educating home, THAT’S a BIG deal!  Watch for those click to tweet boxes and mailchimp to come soon…yes, this IS big!

So, the first dedicated place to write is on my blog…my homeskoolmom.com blog.  And THAT’S big!

As Kate mentioned, Ann and Charity had talked about a mobile desk during the video chat.  This is what I worked on Sunday afternoon.  Is it complete?  No, but it’s enough for now.  It’s not big enough to fit my dinosaurish laptop, but I have a WordPress app on my phone and can thumb out a post there is I wish…and have done so on many occasions.

How do I know it’s enough?  Yesterday afternoon, while Shane drove home from the State Fair, I wrote a rough draft of a future post…so it’s enough.  Do you notice the doorknob, yep, right by the front door, so I can grab and go.

And this bright, flowery bag is SO me, y’all!

mobile officeI would LOVE to have a dedicated room to write, like Ann and Charity, but realistically, that’s not possible right now, so my armoire type desk with the doors that close, that resides in the lively part of our house will have to do.  As children grow into adulthood and begin living life outside of our four walls, maybe.  But for now, it’s what I’ve got.  And I’m good with that.

Happy Writing!

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12 thoughts on “Writing Spaces

  1. Ooh, I *love* the homeskoolmom.com look! It even rhymes when you say it out loud! So cool! 😉 Love how you’re embracing this writing life in the chapter you’re in, trying new things and doing all that you can in this season of life. Well done! Keep up the great work!


    • Thank you Kate! Hadn’t thought about the rhyming bonus 🙂 We’re taking the next step, that’s all I’m thinking about right now. I’ve got a feeling Dan might REALLY earn his money on me, lol…


  2. You are inspiring me to look at more mobile places to write. Making steps forward is huge. I sense the emotional weight of those steps. Congratulations!


    • My mobile bag is simple…a yellow letter size pad, a steno pad (what I always used in my younger years and the one I go to now most often), a couple of smaller notepads, sticky notes, index cards, several pens, paper clips and the lovely greeting cards that were part of the FMFRetreat package. I hope to add stapler, scissors, and maybe my laptop at some point, in a different bag, it’s an evolving process. Bonus! It is also big enough to carry whatever book I’m reading and a water bottle too. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Love this! You’ve touched on an element that’s missing a lot for me… simply submitting to what God has planned for me each day and in each season. So often I try to force my way and my plan. It’s a lack of trust and evidence of pride. It’s about progress, not perfection… but my view of progress might look different than God’s – Great words here- both encouraging and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    FYI- I’m not posting on the chapters… yet. My thoughts are in the comments at Kate’s.

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    • Yes Karen, it’s that submitting part that’s hard for me (always has been HA) We spent many years forcing our plan and got nowhere, (There’s a post coming on that soon too). Funny, you say progress, not perfection. Our Sr. Pastor often says direction, not perfection…I’ll have to go check out the comments at Kate’s. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Wow!! Congrats on taking that huge step! I get frustrated often when Blogger eats my comments but I can’t bring myself to change to WordPress. I hope someday I’ll get there!

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  5. christy, i love what you did with your mobile part of your blogging. i need to get mine in order. i sort of forgot that part b/c of the other aspects i needed to change.

    i’m so excited about the changes for your blog:) i want to have dan do my techno stuff for me but i need to find an income first to cover it. it was motivating me to get one of my series into a book until i got working on this 31 day series i’m doing now. not sure which one i’ll finish first!

    the name of the game is going to be getting some income to have his help for sure.


    • I was looking at it Sunday morning at church, and realized it would be PERFECT for a mobile office. It’s got lots and lots of pockets, so as my MO expands, it’ll expand with me 🙂 I highly recommend doing it!

      Yes, having income would be nice. God has blessed Shane’s job recently and we’ve got a little extra money. Praying that one of the blogs will grow to at least pay for itself.


  6. Keeping it real! My blog space is not glamorous either…one kid is next to me on the couch with piles of blankies and his own tablet. There is often pillows around on the office floor from brother banter, and yet the .com moms are making it! I’m proud of you for taking the plunge. I did too with Dan. It is a journey in writing, but it may just help us spread our words even further to those who don’t want to take the time to type that .wordpress in!? Jenn

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    • Yes Jenn! And it’s MY content, not wordpresses, I like that. But really, if it hadn’t been for the new blog idea, I’d have probably just muddled along with the .wordpress. I despise new, and this is SO foreign to me, my stomach is upside down just thinking about what I need to do to make it work.


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