Finding Tears and Joy and Happy Memories

Earlier this week, I sent a carefully drafted email to my Aunt, my Aunt in Nashville, who was married to my sweetest Uncle that went to his eternal reward in December.  You see, my 31 day series this year will be about that Uncle.  The Uncle that many have heard, but that few, outside the music world, probably know by name…how can that be, you ask?

Chip Young 31 days buttonYou know his thumb…I PROMISE, you KNOW his thumb.  You KNOW his fantastic producing and engineering abilities from decades past, and I’ll be sharing some of those in October.  And yes, when he left this earth, he was called “legendary” in music circles.

So, I sent this email.  My Aunt sent it to 31 people who knew Uncle Chip.  Funny, I just noticed, 31 people, 31 days.  Hmmm….interesting.   I asked for stories, stories that I hadn’t heard, that I could share with you in October.  And I’ve already started receiving replies.

And y’all…they are so precious.

Bruno from Sweden, has sent wonderful pictures and a sweet story that I can hardly wait to share with you.  And his personal story of how my Uncle (and Aunt) has blessed his life.

and Ellie, who brought tears to my eyes from her sweet words about my precious Uncle.

Honestly, I didn’t even think about what I would find

if anything at all.

I thought I’d get “in studio” stories, music related stories,

and I have, but with a wonderfully personal twist.

And I have found jewels,

precious and rare.

Stories mostly shared by people I’ve never met and probably never will meet.  (although I’ve already told Bruno that I might just have to make a trip to Nashville when he’s making one of Swedish tours to hug his neck).

Wanna peek?

31 days .Charlie, Chip, Jerry & Bruno 72Yep, that’s my Uncle holding the guitar (there’s another hint)  with Jerry Reed, Charlie McCoy (another name you may not know, but that you would know), and his Swedish friend Bruno.

uncle chip and me 001That’s me and my Uncle

And even if I don’t receive more replies (although I truly hope I do) I have found precious memories from folks with whom I share a common bond, Chip Young, legendary musician.

God bless,

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7 thoughts on “Finding Tears and Joy and Happy Memories

  1. Christy, that is so cool. Having just been in NASHVILLE I’m even more excited to hear the stories of your uncle and his music. What a sweet tribute to his life!!


    • Tara, I knew shortly after he went home, that he would be the subject of my 31 days. I’ve had a long time to mull it over, I only hope it’s half as good on blog as it is in my mind, lol.


  2. My mother loved both Charlie McCoy and Jerry Reed. I’m not doing the 31-Day challenge but I sure wanna hear more about ur uncle!!! Will you be posting your 31 days stuff on ur blog?


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