31 Days of Family and Friends 2014


Yeah, I think I’m crazy; but I have decided to link up with the Nester for her 31 days writing challenge.  I will attempt to make a post here every day in October.  Truth be told, I’ll probably miss a few days here and there…but it is a GOAL to reach for, right?  Not a hard and fast set in stone thing.  Nothing terrible, horrible, awful, atrocious, etc. is going to happen if I don’t reach that goal, right? Right.

Here are the links to each days post:  I also have a 31 Days of Family and Friends category if you’d rather read them that way

Day 1– Who is my Family?  31 Days {Day 1}

Day 2–  Grandma’s Couch  31 Days {Day 2}

Day 3– Liberian ties that Bind 31 Days {Day 3}

Day 4 — Family Fun 31 Days {Day 4}

Day 5– A Family Tradition 31 Days {Day 5}

Day 6– Growing up in Knoxville {Day 6}

Day 7– Bucketlist Dreams {Day 7}

Day 8– 1985 & the KC Royals {Day 8}

Day 9 — Tabby Takes a Ride {Day 9}

Day 10– Lest You Think {Day 10}

Day 11–I Might be a Fan {Day 11}

Day 12– Friday Night Friends {Day 12}

Day 13– Life Lessons from Boys {Day 13}

Day 14--Sisters {Day 14}

Day 15– It’s Your Turn {Day 15}

Day 16–Messy Beautiful Love  {Day 16}

Day 17– 31 Day Favorites {Day 17}

Day 18– Rest is Coming {Day 18}

Day 19 — Girls Just Wanna Have Fun {Day 19}

Day 20– So WHO Are My New Soul Sisters? {Day 20}

Day 21– What is a Friend {Day 21}

Day 22 — Friends Face to Face {Day 22}

Day 23– Family Memories {Day 23}

Day 24 — A Different Kind of Friend {Day 24}

Day 25– Long Distance Friends {Day 25}

Day 26 — Fun Times with Friends {Day 26}

Day 27– Roofing Friend {Day 27}

Day 28 — Friends for a Day {Day 28}

Day 29–Kansas City–We’re All Friends Tonight!  {Day 29}

Day 30–Friends and Enemies; Well Not Really {Day 30}

Day 31– We Made IT!  {Day 31}

If you’re joining me for the first time, you may want to read the rest of the introductory post written below.  It’ll tell give you a preview of the series.

 Some days you may find nothing more than a cute picture like this

isaac storytelling

With some words below it describing what’s happening.

In this case, Isaac has several of the little’s from church enraptured with his storytelling abilities.  I have NO idea what story he was telling, but it’s certainly one that must be interesting; not a creature is stirring…

Or, it might be a post like this one about my sweet cousin’s Granny.  (Which is why I decided to chose the topic of Family and Friends).

Or, even yet, it might be a funny story that happened that day, or from the recesses of my mind somewhere in the past.  Somehow, our family always has some sort of craziness going one…whether it’s chasing cows, pigs or chickens; or something funny that my crazy Tabby girl said or did.

Or it might be more quiet than that. My strong, silent type Malachi runs the vacuum when he hates it as much as I do, or when he takes the cordless drill and some screws and fixes our bottom step on the deck or how he braves the weather (hot or cold) every day to go care for whatever critters we happen to have, be it cows, pigs or kittens.  Or how my darling 18 year old Hannah made a cute little kitten picture on her tablet for her FB with all sorts of little captions while I sat before my dino desktop almost having an anxiety attack over how to make a  button for this series.   (This series is sure to get me out of my comfort zone in many ways).

 hannah cat pic

Will you join me for 31 days in October?  You can find the information here on the Nesters blog or for some one word prompts and a challenge to limit the daily post to 5 minutes, you can check out Kate’s link here.

And the adventure begins in 4 days! has begun!

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