Friends and Enemies; Well Not Really– Day 30

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We are near the end of this 31 days, and at the end of the World Series.

This is how we play October baseball at our house

blog octoberbaseballatourhouse

Notice those snazzy mud boots.

In case you haven’t heard.  The boys in Blue played a heck of a game, but didn’t quite pull it off.  I’d have liked to see Gordon run home; tie the game or game over…either way it would have been glory…but I doubt you’d have heard it from Joe Buck.  Seems he was more fangirl than announcer last night, and well pretty much every game of the Series.

To hear Buck you’d have thought there was only one person on the field last night… and everyone else was nobody–including the rest of his team and our fantabulous Royals.

But we know better now don’t we?

Is it that Madison Bumgarner’s not a good pitcher? Not at all.  He’s an excellent pitcher and what he did last night was pretty amazing…although I saw at least 3 pitches that the ump called that were not in the strike zone.  (Poor guy, apparently his Mom and Dad didn’t realize Madison is a girl’s name?)

But there were other players on that field too…on both teams.

I loved Sandavol’s wink. And the fact that he’s a big boy and can run. He’s endeared me.  Not enough to put on a Panda head, but he’s got my respect.

Panik made that great play at 2nd for that double play. And it was a great play…tossing the ball from the glove like that!

Butler ran the bases.  He’s got a place in my heart after watching him work so hard to steal a base in the play-offs.  And even more after I read the story I linked to at the bottom of yesterday’s post.

CAIN?  Need I say more?

Gordon?  Made good on one of the “god’s” pitches, almost good enough to tie the game.  It brought me out of my seat!

Like yesterday, I can’t mention everyone.

The main thing is The Royals aren’t nobodies!  And baseball fans everywhere better be watching them next year.

Our pitchers were amazing in their own right!  4-3 is a win, but it’s not a knock it out of the park win say like Tuesday’s game where The Royals SHUT OUT the Giants 10-zip.

Oh and I haven’t mentioned that San Fran’s pitchers hit 2, count’em TWO of our players!  I will add that I think it would have been sweet revenge if Perez would have knocked that last hit out of the park and scored the winning run, now wouldn’t have it?

One thing San Fran’s fans and us can agree on…throw Joe Buck OUT!  In fact, from many of the comments I’m seeing, the Giant fans know that we got the shaft from Joe.

Next year, we’ll be real fans and turn down the volume on the T.V. while listening to some good announcers on the radio.

I can say that Royal’s fans blood runs as blue as Volunteer fan blood runs orange…

and I think we have some new baseball fans in our house.

No Royals tomorrow.  I promise.  And no more 31 days after tomorrow either.


Kansas City–We’re ALL Friends Tonight!

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Game 6! Home field advantage…and WHAT an advantage it was!

In case you haven’t heard, and the only way you could have missed it is if you were hiding under a rock somewhere, disconnected from the world deep in the woods with no cell phone, and no indoor plumbing.

The underdog RULED the stadium last night.  TEN to ZIP! ZERO!  NADA!  NOTHING!   The Giants might have Madison Bumgarnder, but we have Ventura! And we have some AMAZING fielders; Dyson.and Aoki, and some amazing batters: Butler and Cain. (ok, I can’t name EVERYONE, can I?)

Kansas City played like a well oiled machine last night!

Does a shut out EVER happen that crazy in World Series Play?????

Even the announcers that have appeared to be Giant biased during the previous 5 games couldn’t find any bad.

It was all BLUE in game 6.

And they’re going to WIN Game 7!  Ok, wishful thinking, but really, can you blame me?

To me it would be amazing if they didn’t win.

And they WANT it!

ALL of Kansas City WANTS it!

Even non baseball fans are baseball fans today.  Kansas City is covered in BLUE!   The electricity is EVERY WHERE!

Some folks have waited since before they were born to see this game.

In fact, our phone rang this morning and it was Shane’s Wednesday night co-leader.  She sheepishly said,”I’ve waited all my life…”  I stopped her and said YES!  I think we should cancel Kids for Truth tonight.  Last night, Shane was torn.  He did NOT want to miss the game, but he wouldn’t have made the call to cancel.  I almost called her asking to cancel on his behalf.

I’m so glad we’ll get to watch together.

Some folks were raised in football country (Go VOLS!)  But are wearing the blue tonight.

Some of us are Yanks fans, but if you live in Kansas City, how can you NOT be excited for the Team?

And in case you missed it, the Kansas City Symphony played an amazing National Anthem before game 6.

If you’re wondering where I stand:

KC Symphony > Santana

KC BBQ > Rice a Roni

ROYALS > Giants

It was mentioned last night that Michael Jordon played his ROOKIE year the last time the Royals were in this position.

That’s a long time folks…




Can ya hashtag in a blog?

Do I look as if I care?

Have a WINNING day, Y’all!

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And for a sweet Billy Butler story, click here. 

Friends for a Day {Day 28}

31 days blog button 4Yesterday I was a workin’ girl. It was a 1 day assignment with the temp company Shane works for.  We were hired to work for an inventory company, they were hired to do an inventory job at a HUGE plant in Kansas.  It’s a name you’d know if I told you.  In fact, they told us in training that the products they make at that plant goes in some 80% of food items around the world.  At one point, someone used the word chemical…does that scare anyone else a teeny, tiny little bit????

I left home at 4:30am and saw home again at 9pm.  I worked 13 hours.  And I made a little spendin’ money for my Jubilee trip in a couple of weeks.

There were about 35-40 of us from different places, in different walks of life.  But we all joined together to get the job done.  We were counting bags and boxes of who knows what. The old fashioned way, calculator and clipboard.  The warehouse looked something like this.

blog pallets2

Except some of the racks were 4 high and 4 deep.  In one of the areas, everything was on the ground but the pallets were sometimes 7 deep.   Which meant that my partner or I had to skinny slide between pallets to make sure we were counting the right pallets. For those of you that know me, you know that I’m not that “skinny.”

blog palletsMost of the pallets had inventory signs on the front that had numbers we had to check. Then we had to multiply how many boxes by the weight, by the number of pallets.  Some of them didn’t have these nice little signs and we’d have to count the number of boxes or bags on a pallet and then find the label that told us how much the product weighed and multiply it all.

In the main warehouse, Jeremy was our plant partner on the fork lift.


We ended up with the hardest row in the place.  All the plant folks told us so. 4 racks deep, 4 racks high, sometimes 5 different products in the rack, sometimes 3 different products on ONE pallet.   The 3 of us were checking and double checking each other. We were looking at number after number until we were crossed eyed and loopy.  My partner Joe and I had some good, clean FUN!  And why not? It was a long day, easy but tedious work because we wanted to get it right. Early on, the plant contact told my partner that we had done a “perfect” job because we caught something that wasn’t right.  Joe kept talking about how he hadn’t been called perfect in a long time, so I started singing  “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble…” He joined in, so we were both singing. But we couldn’t leave Jeremy out of the fun. We found out that he was fairly newly married and he had been apart from his wife for several months.  She was coming home yesterday.  Needless to say, work is not where he wanted to be and it became some friendly teasing…”Hey Jeremy, we’re gonna get you outa’ here so you can get home to your wife”…nice guy that he is, he’d get a BIG GRIN and a little red around the ears…I pray that Jeremy and his wife had a wonderful reunion and will have a long happy life together.

Joe’s an interesting character.  He knows a lot about a lot, or maybe he thinks he knows a lot about a lot.  He DOES talk a lot, and he knows it.  He has no filter, and he knows it.  (He told me so).  I heard about his new girlfriend, his jail time, his court date, and the fact that he thinks marijuana should be legal, among other things. He dropped the f-bomb in one sentence while telling me that this was his 3rd life in the next, while quoting Proverbs in the next.

I teased him about knowing why Mark paired us together…because I have 4 children and that qualified me to keep Joe in line.  I told Mark that I did the best I could. And we all laughed.

After we were done with the row from pergatory, we went to the maintenance building and started counting fuses and bulbs, and who knows what all else in tool trays that they use to keep the plant operating. Believe it or not, we ended up with the 2 hardest trays in the maintenance shop too…the folks that worked in the shop told us so.

So, what else were we to do but laugh about it?

It was that or cry…

So I asked the boss if he was buying the Boulevard after work…

It was all in good fun.

At one point, I started coughing and made the comment about needing to cut back on my cigarettes.  I didn’t think this was particularly funny, but it was near the end of the day and it tickled Joe…and the boss came around the corner to see if we had gone bananas…

And when we were all done, and back at the inventory site, the boss found me and told me how much he appreciated having me work for them.  He thanked me for a job well done.

I told him that I had fun, and I hoped he’d call again.

Today, my neck is sore, my feet are a little tired, and my hands are stiff (who’d have thought about holding a clipboard for 13 hours making stiff hands?) so I’m taking it easy.

But I will fondly remember my Friends for a Day.

I pray that I showed fun without crass and rude, without several bottles of Boulevard (or Coors), and without marijuana.

I pray that talking about how wonderful 20 years of marriage to the same man is, touched these guys.

I pray that those whose paths crossed with mine yesterday saw a glimpse of Christ, and that I glorified God with my words and actions.

Have a FUN-filled, Christ honoring Tuesday, Y’all!

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Roofing Friend {Day 27}

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We’ve got a new roof!  I took this picture the other day when it wasn’t quite done.

blog roofWe also got wonderful new front eves. Our house is a hybrid, and the folks before us had tacked on the eves to the front of the house…they were rotten and sagging.  But we knew there was no reason to repair them until we needed to roof the house.  This also means gutters are in our future, yippee!  This means no more getting dripped on when it’s raining!

blogroofingThis is our friend’s leg while he was nailing shingles.

I walked out to tell him how tempting it would be to scare the begeebeez out of him somehow while his leg was dangling.  He proceeded to tell me that Tabitha had already done that.  Apparently, she decided to grab his leg and pull while he was sitting on the roof this way earlier in the week.  Oh GOOD GRIEF!   I’m glad Mr. B knows us already, or he might not have come back to finish the job.  We’ve been friends with Mr. B and his wife for a few years now.  They are always so patient with Tabitha.  Mrs. B always lets Tabby hold chicks, ducks, puppies, kitties and whatever other critters they happen to have around their farm.  She’s even gotten to suck sorghum at their house.  Yes, they have planted sorghum the past two years and it has made the BEST sorghum.  Tabby loves them and they love Tabitha.

Drivin’ the tractor at their house.


Have a fantabulous Tuesday, Y’all!

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Fun Times With Friends {Day 26}

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Today our church family celebrated Reformation day.  (The anniversary of the Luther’s hanging of the 95 Thesis) and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Our plan was to celebrate it tonight; but HOW could we have known that the KC Royals would be in the world series when this was planned several months ago????  Not knowing how last night would play out, we were hopeful that tonight might be the final game; and moved the festivities to right after church–just in case.

Truth be told, we do it more for the kids.  None of the adults play Luther Rose Bowl, or A Mighty Fortress Cake Walk, or Coins in the Coffer Toss, and most certainly none take their turn at the Papal Bull Pinata.  Which happened to be a donkey this year, because we could not find a bull pinata.  We have goodies for the cakewalk and little prizes for the kids to take home.  They all seem to look forward to it, and enjoy it.  And I LOVE knowing that they enjoy it!

We have a meal, and ask people to name their dish. This is one of my favorite activities.  I LOVE seeing what cleaver names people come up with.   This year we had Drumsticks of Dort (Chicken Legs–turkey legs are too expensive), Hot as Pergatory Chips, 5 Sola’s Soup among others

Usually we also watch Luther, but I’ll be a part of the workforce tomorrow (working a temp job taking inventory in Kansas), and the ballgame will be on this evening.  We forwent the showing of Luther this year.

Usually, I’m in charge of The Mighty Fortress March and snap some pictures, but this year, I was busy on clean up detail.  So this is a picture from last year’s Papal Bull Pinata:

blog reformation day 2013

Have a wonderful Sunday, Y’all!

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A Different Kind of Friend {Day 24}

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Some more pictures today, of our family with friends of a different kind.

A couple of years we had the opportunity to go to a drive-thru zoo outside of Knoxville on one of our trips home.  We all made new “friends.”  Hannah and I had creatures in our lap in the front seat (we took turns) that tried to eat the food out of our lap.  Malachi had one critter that tried to climb into his lap.  And Shane made a new Zebra friend.

blog shanezebraThese goats at the Creation Museum REALLY liked Isaac.  It’s an amazing place,and I highly recommend it if you’ve never gone.  This trip also garnered memories of Effingham, IL.  Yep! We got stranded.  If you’re ever through there you should definitely try Neimburg’s Steakhouse  The best food at GREAT prices…and their peanut butter pie is dinive!  (Unless you try to carry one from Effingham to Kansas City, then…not so great).

bloggoatsA few years ago, Isaac had bred hamsters and sold them at the 5 & Dime in our little town.  This is Lucy with her babies.


This is Tabby brushing Duke at Horn Creek after her ride.


This big guy is one of the turtles at the Knoxville zoo.  Since turtles can live so long; I wonder if this is one of the same turtles that I visited when I was a kid?


And these are definitely friends of a different kind. Meet Porktia and Hamlet.  These were the pigs we raised for food.  In this picture, they are trailered up ready to go to butcher.  They made for good eatin’

pigs to butcherHave a GREAT Friday!  I’ll be tunin’ in to watch the World Series.  Hopin’ the Royals Take the CROWN!

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Family Memories {Day 23}

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blog tabitha smiles

You may be wondering why a picture of little brown hands holding a smiley face on notebook paper is a memory.  You must not know Tabitha then.  She is the encourager.  The one who makes everyone smile.  The one who knows when someone needs a hug or a friendly word. Friends, family, neighbors, complete strangers.  One day we were out and about, probably on our way to Jr. Musical, and everyone that passed me was smiling, laughing, looking at me.  I was starting to get paranoid.  But,  I had NO idea what was happening in the back seat behind me.  Isaac had drawn this smiley face for Tabitha and she was holding it up to EVERY car that passed.  I have NO idea how many people she made smile that day.

blog malachi strong

Those were foam blocks that Tabby had gotten one year for Christmas.  I found the shirt at the thrift store (of course) and think it’s a great picture.  Malachi is our strong silent type so this is a PERFECT picture of him.

blog hannahbelle

This is Hannah in her beautiful Belle dress.  This picture does NOT do it justice.  The white fabric and shawl has little silky flowers with sparkly iridescent beads in the flowers. When it hit the light just right it shined!  It was just beautiful and PERFECT for Belle’s beautiful ball gown.  Hannah was over the top excited to play Belle in a little theatre group were a part of for many years.  The dress?  It was a freebie from a prom dress giveaway at a local church.  No, it wasn’t for a prom, but it was for a very special occasion.  She also wore it to the Daddy Daughter Dance that her and Shane attend each February. (Her version of the Prom).  So we felt it perfectly appropriate to shop the dress giveaway. I truly believe God put the dress there for Hannah. The “store” had been open for 2 days already, but this dress had just been donated the night before we shopped. I daresay any of the other girls would have wanted it, it was very old-fashioned.  But the little old ladies who were volunteering were beside themselves when Hannah chose it, because they thought it divine– and I agree.


We have a lot of drama at our house…Hannah and Isaac both LOVE acting, and Tabitha loves everything, so 3 of our 4 are actors.  (And for those of you who may not know, Shane may not be able to sing or play the violin, but he can act…he even has an Oscar to prove it).  This picture was taken after the final show of King and I, performed at a local Bible college a few years ago.  There are SO many memories wrapped up in this picture I can’t even begin to describe.  Amazing.  That’s what it was.  The entire experience.  I’m sure Isaac will always look back fondly at his “Chewy” days.

blogshanecolordoThese two pictures are from family camp at Horn Creek in Colorado last summer.  We thought we’d never get to go back because as economical as it is for what you get (great lodging, fantastic meals, wonderful entertainment, etc) it’s just out of our budget for a family vacation.  But God provided and Shane was their speaker for last year’s adoption and foster camp.  We had a wonderfully blessed week and met some great folks!   Shane is unable to grow a mustache or beard…it’s scary when he tries, but face paint fixed that the night of the cookout and barn dance.  Don’t know if you noticed the string tie?  It had belonged to his Great Grand dad and he was happy to be able to wear it that night.

blogshanegoesdown The second picture is one of their camp traditions.  I came ready for battle and conquered the LOG!  Shane went DOWN!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some fun family memories.

Have a wonderful Thursday y’all!

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