This Dinosaur Learned a New Trick FMF

Twitter.  I vowed to stay away and I did for a VERY long time.  I even resisted during Proverbs 31 OBS Twitter parties.  And I LOVE my OBS sisters, so the fact that FIve Minute Friday got me there says a LOT!  Last weekends writer’s retreat had me more than a little curious about the fellowship and friendships made in 140 characters or less.

So guess where I was tonight?  I can’t even believe it.  Yes, the dinosaur, the one that didn’t know what a launch was, or Voxxing, or how to use google hangouts (even IF I did have a camera thingy on my computer), actually made it to the #fmfparty tonight.

I didn’t think I could learn how to keep up.  And I’m not sure I did. But I was told I was doing fine,

See here’s the proof

You are rocking it Christy!

probably because you ARE keeping up

Will I do it again?  Probably?  Will it be a regular thing?  Probably not.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and I enjoyed being there, but my time is getting away from me, and one more thing on my plate on a regular basis?  Sometimes ya gotta say no.

I’m certain at some point I’ll to learn how to make one of those cute little “click to tweet” box to use in my blog.  But not tonight.  Tonight this ole dino is tired; so no late night tonight trying to figure out something else new in the cyberspace world.  And I want to go enjoy the stars with my darling!

Tonight this dinosaur will dream of little blue birds and frantic craziness all around me.  And I will be thankful for


seeing “old” new friends made by driving down a winding road, past the deer that were playing to a cabin by the lake and for making new friends, including one who lives in my hometown, whose husband went to my high school (West High Rebels) a year ahead of me. How cool is that?

Christy signature

P.S.  And NOW I understand…twitter party, Friends made, friends made visit blogs, relationships formed.  Not like old school days where you got to know each other in the comments of the blog…the fog is lifting.

I’m linking up with Kate at Five Minute Friday.  The rules are simple.  5 minutes of free writes on her one word prompt. No edits (yes I did, because I can’t not. and I was EXTREMELY tired last night,haha) and then visit and comment on the persons blog before you.  Yes, it’s that simple.  And if you DO edit like me, there is no edit police to wrap your knuckles either.  You can find out more here.

And if you get a chance, check out our NEW blog that was birthed from the FMF retreat


Reflections on a Weekend Away

I was among the close to 20 something wonderful ladies and the bundle of sweetness and smiles, little baby Haven, that gathered at a lakeside cabin in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee for the Five Minute Friday retreat.  Here’s the beautiful morning view from the deck as we gathered to drink our coffee (or tea, depending on preference).

fmf viewTruth time.  I wasn’t really sure WHY I was there.  I wasn’t really sure I should have been there.  After all, I’m not really sure I’m a writer; but my friend Melinda’s  enthusiasm was contagious and we were among the first to sign up way back… and we arrived after an adventurous beginning that included a flat tire and some nature exploration along the interstate near Metropolis, IL.

FMF retreat melinda and IBut that’s not what this post is supposed to be about.

This post is supposed to be about  “what’s my biggest take away from the retreat?”

Surprisingly, I learned that I AM a writer!

During our hangout chat with the authors of “On Being A Writer” (Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig) one of the ladies made the comment that

“a writing life is not the same as a writing career.”

That really resonated with me.  I am a writer, because I have a writing life.  Will I ever have a writing career?  Only God knows which leads to the next biggest take away from the weekend that didn’t hit me until the middle of Tuesday night when I woke up thinking about a long-lost dream…the dream that my husband and I have had to minister to families.

Many moons ago,  we made a flyer for Home and Family Ministries. A brainchild we created that never came to fruition.  We wanted to speak, and have retreats, and help families be all they could be. Help marriages succeed.  Encourage parents to parenting with intention.  This was when we were newly married.  Well before blogging was so mainstream, if it was yet at all…that was in the days of dial up internet and before Amazon and Google.

WHY we thought we were ready for that kind of endeavor is beyond me. But, we wonder if now is the time?  We’ve been through life for 21 years together, adding 4 children, and 2 dogs and a cat to the mix among other various critters that have come and gone.  We’ve had highs and lows.  Beautiful and ugly.  And we’ve been real through it all!

Who knows if ANYTHING will come of it, but we’re ready to put our toes in the water and step out in faith and begin a new thing.

So I got up in the middle of the night and started brainstorming this new child.  Looking on WordPress for a blog address that would work.  Here’s what I came up with:

Christian Home Life   

I’m delving into the world of mailchimp and going back over all the notes on promoting a blog from the retreat.  Those notes that I think didn’t apply to me because:

a) I wasn’t a writer

b) I was just a lil’ eclectic wife and momma blogger; 12 years I’ve been writing, and I’m still a lil’ eclectic wife and momma blogger.  And I’m still content with that here at homeskoolmom.

But the retreat, in an odd twist of events, has revived a dream…

FEAR of man is rearing it’s ugly head. Even as I sit here typing this, I wonder if we’re crazy, if I should hit the publish button.  But I refuse to to let it dictate what will come.  Man will not be my God.  I will replace the fear of man with the fear of the Lord, as Trillia, with the beautiful smile, reminded us Saturday morning.

FMF Kate and TrilliaThanks Melinda for the photo

And being BRAVE is coming behind the thoughts of fear.  And we WILL be brave, Shane and I. Mary reminded us Sunday morning that it is easier to stay stuck in the boat; but sometimes that is not what He wants!  Sometimes He wants us to be brave like Peter, and step out of the boat.

Mary, my husband and I are steppin’ out of the boat and being brave.  Many of those steps came long ago…

and now, we wait expectantly to see what, if anything God will do with this new venture!

At this point, only He knows!

We could be absolute nobodies…in that case we’ll keep doing what we’re doing; except we’ll blog with intention at Christian Home Life and maybe, just maybe influence a small sphere of readers in future years…

Or maybe? We will have to be patient and see…

 I LOVE this blog!  It’s my crazy, random place to be me, to bounce here and there, with rambling thoughts; no rhyme or reason. Thoughts flowing freely

And it will continue to be just that, a place for my rambling thoughts…but Christian Home Life, it will be more intentional, more focused with a purpose.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the new blog!

Thank you Kate Motaung (Mo-tay-oong–I think I got it) Holly, Jen and Mary for all your hard work!

Am I a Writer????

writer pic

I am a writer.  There I said it.  But Am I a Writer???  There’s the debate. The one going on in the recesses of my brain in recent days.  I’ve never considered myself a writer.  I’m a blogger.  But, does that make me a writer?

I’m embarking on a writer’s retreat this weekend, but I’m not sure I belong.

Others have called me a writer.  At my sweet Uncle’s funeral in December several of my relatives encouraged me when I mentioned writing about my “legendary Uncle” for the 31 day challenge in the coming year.  “You’re the writer in the family” they said.  Even then, it didn’t click.  I’m a writer?

I tell people I blog, or “I’m a blogger”, but NEVER “I’m a WRITER”  That title comes with a certain flair.  A flair that I don’t possess.

But.  I. am. a. writer.

Truth be told, I’ve been a writer for a long time.

I’ve even been published. HA!

In my 6th grade graduation program.

I wrote a poem, and it made the program.  Wanna know the title?


Yep!  Those little beastly creatures that can invade any home with an animal host. And invade with a vengeance.   They had invaded my childhood home and I wrote about it.  (Thinking back, I’m SURE my mother LOVED that!)

Today I have no idea what that poem said.  And I’m not even sure a copy still exists.  Maybe somewhere in a box in my one of my mothers closets…or, maybe not.

When I was young, I collected poetry.  Mostly dribble from the Teen Beat magazine that was so popular back then.

Over the years I have written a few praise choruses that have remained mine alone.

And in my early married years, I submitted articles to a little home published magazine called “Homewords” or “Homewards”  I can’t remember which any longer, or even the name of the sweet lady that published it.

I suppose the magazine is long gone.

Copies of those articles are stored in a box somewhere amid yesteryear’s memories.

I tend to think of writers as those with articles of worth.  Those with books published.

C.S. Lewis

Mark Twain

Dr. Seuss

John Owen

James Dobson

Suzie Eller

Beth Moore

all I would consider writers…authors.

Call me old-fashioned, but does word-smithing on a blog, mainly as a place to pen my thoughts for myself, make me a writer?

Some would say yes, claim it; others, like myself, not so much.

I’ve always said I write for me.  For myself.  I had some folks encouraging me to go more public and I did; but before that, and even now, I’m content if no one reads my blog.  That said, don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy comments, and likes; but I refuse to let page views and statistics dictate my blog. I’ve been writing well over 10 years…I have a postie note  with the exact date I started blogging scribbled down somewhere around here  but that’s not important to me.

If I wrote in a diary instead of a blog (weblog) would I be a writer?

If my poetry and praise choruses stay to myself does that make me a writer?

If I were to paint a picture, would that make me a painter?

What about singing?  I LOVE to sing.  But does that make me a singer?

Dancer?  I taught ballroom dancing and won trophies in competitions many years ago.  I LOVE to dance!  Does that make me a dancer?

Speaker?  I’ve spoken to groups many times over the years, but am a speaker?

I used to autocross and I’ve driven an open wheel formula car at Road Atlanta.  Does that make me a race car driver?

I think just because I do something, it doesn’t make me something.

So for now, I’ll be content to call myself

not a writer, but one who writes.

Christy signature

One who writes

 P.S.  After attending the FMF Retreat, I realized that I can have a writing LIFE without having a writing CAREER.  I AM a writer!!!!!!   !***This was a post I wrote before the FMFRetreat, as I started reading through “On Being a Writer”  I’ve tweaked it a little to accommodate the link up; but it is nearly exactly the same as I don’t want to lose how I felt at the time. ***

I’m linking up with the On Being A Writer discussion group over at Kate’s Heading Home.  Wanna join us?  It’s not too late!

Five Minute Friday Send

The rules are simple.  Type for 5 minutes without edits on the word Kate offers for the week.  Link up and comment on the previous post.

This weeks word is send.


Send.  What will I send?  Where will I send?  Who will I send?  When will I send?  How will I send?Why will I send?

Send, such a small word but it can pack a punch.  We can send letters, we can send a child to do school.  We can send meals to someone in need.  We can send missionaries to a land over the ocean and far away.  We can send a child to Grandma’s.  We can send an email across some great unknown entity, or a blog into the blogosphere where those we know, and those we don’t know read.  To think. To judge.  To comment or to not comment.  To be forever exposed for the world to see.

Such a small word with so many meanings


Friends and Enemies; Well Not Really– Day 30

31 days blog button 4

We are near the end of this 31 days, and at the end of the World Series.

This is how we play October baseball at our house

blog octoberbaseballatourhouse

Notice those snazzy mud boots.

In case you haven’t heard.  The boys in Blue played a heck of a game, but didn’t quite pull it off.  I’d have liked to see Gordon run home; tie the game or game over…either way it would have been glory…but I doubt you’d have heard it from Joe Buck.  Seems he was more fangirl than announcer last night, and well pretty much every game of the Series.

To hear Buck you’d have thought there was only one person on the field last night… and everyone else was nobody–including the rest of his team and our fantabulous Royals.

But we know better now don’t we?

Is it that Madison Bumgarner’s not a good pitcher? Not at all.  He’s an excellent pitcher and what he did last night was pretty amazing…although I saw at least 3 pitches that the ump called that were not in the strike zone.  (Poor guy, apparently his Mom and Dad didn’t realize Madison is a girl’s name?)

But there were other players on that field too…on both teams.

I loved Sandavol’s wink. And the fact that he’s a big boy and can run. He’s endeared me.  Not enough to put on a Panda head, but he’s got my respect.

Panik made that great play at 2nd for that double play. And it was a great play…tossing the ball from the glove like that!

Butler ran the bases.  He’s got a place in my heart after watching him work so hard to steal a base in the play-offs.  And even more after I read the story I linked to at the bottom of yesterday’s post.

CAIN?  Need I say more?

Gordon?  Made good on one of the “god’s” pitches, almost good enough to tie the game.  It brought me out of my seat!

Like yesterday, I can’t mention everyone.

The main thing is The Royals aren’t nobodies!  And baseball fans everywhere better be watching them next year.

Our pitchers were amazing in their own right!  4-3 is a win, but it’s not a knock it out of the park win say like Tuesday’s game where The Royals SHUT OUT the Giants 10-zip.

Oh and I haven’t mentioned that San Fran’s pitchers hit 2, count’em TWO of our players!  I will add that I think it would have been sweet revenge if Perez would have knocked that last hit out of the park and scored the winning run, now wouldn’t have it?

One thing San Fran’s fans and us can agree on…throw Joe Buck OUT!  In fact, from many of the comments I’m seeing, the Giant fans know that we got the shaft from Joe.

Next year, we’ll be real fans and turn down the volume on the T.V. while listening to some good announcers on the radio.

I can say that Royal’s fans blood runs as blue as Volunteer fan blood runs orange…

and I think we have some new baseball fans in our house.

No Royals tomorrow.  I promise.  And no more 31 days after tomorrow either.

It’s YOUR turn {Day 15}

31 days blog button 4

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing for 15 days straight.  Ok, truth be told, I did work ahead a little as ideas have come to mind, or I had a post written, but events like yesterday’s popped up. But for the most part, I’m not only posting every day, and writing every day too.  I still have a couple I’m working on that you’ll probably see in the days ahead).

So, today, I thought it would be fun to include YOU; my online friends and family.  YES!  That means YOU!

I want to hear from YOU!  I would like to know who you are and where you’re from…YES!  Do I know you in real life?  Then it would also be fun to tell us HOW.  Yes, that means you!  That means my husband and kiddo’s, that means the gal in the corner hiding. (And that means my Dad, because I *think* you’re reading too.)  That means the person that doesn’t have a blog address or an “i.d.”

If you’re more reserved, a quiet “hello” will do.  5 letters…h.e.l.l.o.  You can DO it!

I THINK I have it set up so you can post if you don’t have an account anywhere and are anonymous.  I’ll do some checking to make sure because I WANT to hear from YOU!

Lest you not “get it”







Yes, I keep saying that because I KNOW what I would be doing right now…I’d be making EVERY excuse under the sun to NOT comment.

Why?  You ask?  I see on my statistics how many people are reading, what posts you’re looking at and what country you are from, I just don’t know who you are.  And I want to!

And. if you are reading my blog.  you are my friend aren’t you?  Or, you could be my family and only reading because you feel obligated.  Well, don’t.   You won’t hurt, sniff, my feelings, sniff, sniff, one little bit if you don’t read me.  WAAAA, WAAAA, snort, sniffle.  (Just kidding, you really won’t, just had to try spelling waaaaa).

I guess it’s possible that you could be an enemy or a frienemy.. but that would be a bit cruel if you were not my friend and really were stalking me now wouldn’t it?  Not saying it hasn’t happened before, but it’s not a very nice thing to do, now is it?

So, let you forgot,   I want to hear from you!  Who are you, where are you and how do I know you?

So let the Hello’s begin!


signature 3 green

P.S. If it would be easier, then you can comment, or like my post on FB, but I think it’d be more fun if you comment below. 🙂

Tabby Takes a Ride! {Day 9}

31 days blog button 4

We’re getting a new roof!!!!!  Yehaw!!!!!  Yesterday, the shingles were delivered.  We are so thankful for insurance; we’ve prayed for several years  for enough damage that most of the cost would be covered.  Is that wrong?  I hope not, we needed a new roof and just couldn’t afford one any other way…

Somehow, our darling Liberian daughter (as she would call herself)  finagled her way into the cab of the truck that delivered the shingles.  We’ve been friends with our roofer and his wife for several years, so when I came out of the house and saw her in the passenger seat of the rig, I ask him,”how did she manage that!?!”  He replied, “she’s Tabitha” Yep. Anyone that knows her would agree.    She could charm an elephant out of his tusks.  So she has a new friend in Jeff the truck driver.  At least I’m guessing that was his name since that’s what his shirt said.  She never asked.

Here she is waiting for the shingles to be off loaded.

tabby truck driverAnd away she goes…back to the road for more shingles, plywood and felt

Tabby truck driver2After she waved, you could see her grab the radio and talk away.  After they were done, we asked Jeff (and then her) what she was saying.  In typical Tabitha fashion, she was announcing the events as they unfolded to the world  “HI this is Tabitha!  Back on Kids for Talk Radio, you don’t know me”  “I am getting ready to go in the driveway”   “I am riding in the truck”  “it is my favorite thing ever”  among other things…

I am SO thankful she didn’t find the air horn!