The Path to Perfect

We started out as on of “those” homeschool families. The ones that dressed alike, read Michael and Debbie Pearl, “never” raised our voices to our children, in other words,

We did everything perfectly.

You know, like on the cover of all the homeschool magazines?

Picture perfect.

The life happened.

And now-well, we’re not picture perfect.

We didn’t do everything right.

In fact, we did and still do many things wrong.

It’s taken me many years to realize that EVERY family does many things wrong.

Even those on the covers of homeschool magazines.

While I am thankful for the direction these families and others like them give, it’s much more comforting to me to hear about Todd Wilson leaving his wife in the r.v. with puking kids while he speaks about imperfect parenting.

It makes it real.

Truth be told, I still struggle with comparisons and if only’s.

If only I hadn’t gotten sick.

If only Malachi hadn’t come to us so messed up.

If only I hadn’t gotten sidetracked with life in the real world.

If only I had continued to parent a certain way.

Where my voice was never raised and each child respectfully answered each time I called to them in my best Donna Reed syrupy sweet manner.

If only I had kids like “them.” The picture perfect ones- that never talked back, always obeyed “the first time,” had spotlessly clean rooms, etc.

We’d have the perfect family.

But the truth is, we don’t.

And neither do those picture perfect families.

Instead we have the family much like everyone else’s family.

With children that bicker on Christmas day (or any other day.)

Whose kid sometimes forgets deodorant, or doesn’t comb their hair.

Who has to be told “100 times” to put away something.

Children (and parents) that sometimes use ugly words or have bad attitudes.

The truth is that no matter how picture perfect a family is- it just aint so.

There’s no such thing as perfect family.

Not the Pearls, Campbells, or those we see in our perfect homeschool circles. Not Donna Reed (ANY family can be perfect with a script) or that family on the cover of the latest issue of “Perfect Homeschool Family” magazine.

Those are only snippets we see in those families that appear perfect to us because we only see what they want to show us.

But they can’t be perfect.

Because none of us are without sin. No one is perfect. So no perfect families.

Only short picture perfect moments in time.

And God’s grace.

Each of our families is perfectly the way God knew they were going to be.

Perfect with personality. Aka, imperfect.

That perfect imperfection has made our family what it is. Has made each member the way they are. For what purpose? I don’t know. I may never know. But I know whatever their purpose, God will be glorified. And I am content in not knowing, in seeing how life unfolds in our future.

Does that mean I give up trying to shape and mold my children in God’s image.

Certainly NOT!

It means that I realize I’m going to fail.

But I get back up again. Brush off the dirt, grime and muck that our detour left behind and continue the journey.

Loving. Forgiving. Graciously molding and re-molding the lives God has entrusted to me within the opportunities that God allows.
And then I give the rest to Him.

He continues the job on His potter’s wheel. Throughout the rest of our lives we are molded for the work He has for us.

Until our work on earth is done and we rest with Him in Glory.

Thanks be to God!


Baby Hold On…Five Minute Friday

I’m linking up with Kate a day late.  The rules are here if you want to join in.  

This week’s word is Hold.


The first thing I thought about was Eddy Money’s song Baby Hold on to Me.  It has been a while since I heard it, so I looked at the lyrics.

Baby hold on to me
Whatever will be, will be
The future is ours to see
So baby hold on to me

Baby, what’s these things
You’ve been sayin’ about me
Behind my back
Is it true you might want a better life
Is it true you think
These things are lies, now
Think about it baby
I’m gonna take you to the top


Hey-ey baby
You know the future’s lookin’ brighter
Every morning’ when I get up
Don’t be thinkin’ ’bout what’s not enough, now baby
Just be thinkin’ ’bout what we got
Think of all my love, now
I’m gonna give you all I got


Oh-oh, rich man, poor man, now
Really don’t mean all that much
Mama’s always told you, girl
That money can’t buy you love

I listened to this song multiple times growing up;  this is the standard of the world then and this was the standard of the world today.

Happy comes from life’s circumstances, not from a constant.  The song is about being happy because of a relationship with a sinful person, not from the Creator of the person.

It is a very turbulent relationship.  Nothing constant, rolling about like the wind, or waves of the sea.


Only if everything’s going well.

Not happy if everything isn’t.

Now, this doesn’t mean I can’t hold on to relationships.  I can.  In fact, God tells me to hold on to my husband.  We made a covenant “til death do us part” but this is not the tightest relationship.  While being committed, exhibiting Christ and the church, we still hold on loosely because we don’t know God’s ultimate plan.

We hold on to our children.  We teach them about life, about God, about relationships.  They grow up and we let go, but not totally.  The relationship changes; but hopefully we still love and respect each other and have a loving adult relationship throughout our lives.

We hold on to friendships.  We nuture, we protect.  We grow.  But again, not too tight

So what do we hold on to?  We hold on to the gospel.  Christ”s life


Christ’s perfect life.  Christ’s suffering.  Christ’s death.  Christ’s resurrection.  And we rejoice that by His grace we are saved.  We hold on to that only constant in our lives.  There are no guarantees.  Death comes, children die.  relationships change.  Ugly happens.  But God…Christ…and the Holy Spirit.  They never change.

Hold on to that.

Courtship May Not Be What You Think it Is

This article   on courtship is making it’s rounds among home educators on Facebook.  My goal is not to critique Mr. Umstattd’s article.  He makes some good and worthy points.  But, as I often do, I will use it to springboard to my own thoughts about the modern courtship/dating movement.

You may or may not know that Shane and I courted and married several years before Josh Harris wrote “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” before modern courtship was popular.

About 2 years into our marriage we were asked to speak at Families for Home Education conference in Kansas City, that was before Mid-West Parent Educators grew so big and  when FHE had a yearly conference.  We’re often asked by others about courtship and have mentored couples in courtship relationships over the years.

We told our story, but these (mostly) moms wanted hard and fast rules on courtship.

Well, our “rules” weren’t rules for everyone.  First of all, my Dad wouldn’t have known what to do had Shane called him and asked permission to “court” me.  I was 27 years old! And hadn’t lived at home for several years.  Courtship was also VERY different than the life I had lead in my worldly days where kissing (or more) equated love.  Before my days as a Christian, I was definitely not pure.  Even after, I wasn’t quite as pure as I wish I had been.  But Shane and I ended up being pure together, mainly because HE was committed to it.

I didn’t know any different…but I learned.  And today I’m a staunch supporter of being pure before marriage; whether you call it courtship/dating or some other name.

Shane and I were in college.  6 hours from my family and 11 hours from his.  It would have been VERY strange and nearly impossible for all of our correspondence to be monitored or to be completely chaperoned at all times.

Shane’s parents weren’t even sure about “courtship”  They heard about the idea, gave Shane some information and he came to conclusion that kissing “another man’s wife” was wrong for him.  I think they had heard a lesson from Tony Evans and that’s where the idea was bred.

Today, the people still want rules.

I think  that’s part of the problem.

“I Kissed Dating Goodbye” has become the courtship manual, the rulebook for courtship.  And it shouldn’t be!

I have written comments on these FB posts, but I would really like to expound on it here.

I believe courtship is the pendulum swing  response to traditional dating by those in the conservative homeschooling movement.  Now, 20 years later, it’s time to go back to center and find the balance.  Actually, it’s beyond time but better late than never.

First thing.  Courtship does NOT equal MARRIAGE.

Courtship should be a process to determine God’s will for two people that think they might be compatible for a lifetime.

I see a trend that I don’t like.

Just because you decide to court, shouldn’t mean you WILL marry.  I strongly believe the courtship period should be a time of visiting about future goals, dreams and expectations.   Couples courting should also be praying for God’s guidance about their relationship.  Just because you get butterflies in your stomach every time you see “your man” doesn’t mean he is “the one”  it means you are physically attracted to him, and is probably more associated with lust than with love.   Couples should be praying separately and together about their future.  As Shane and I felt God leading us more and more toward marriage, we also decided to fast and pray.  Meeting during mealtimes to pray together for those days that we fasted.

Seek wise counsel from those that know both of you.

If the people around you are seeing that it isn’t a good match, then chances are, it’s not a good match.  Sometimes when we’re in the middle of something we can’t see things clearly.  Please depend on those outside of the situation and those wiser.  Please weigh their input and take it seriously; especially if you are hearing it from many different people.  If people around you are saying it IS a good match,  then likely, it is.

I also believe accountability is VERY important.  Shane and I did spend time alone.  We had “our” swing.  It was in a public area but private enough that we could talk together.  It is also where Shane proposed <3.  (Doesn’t that just melt your heart?)  Shane had a friend that was in a similar relationship and they’d often ask each other “are you pure?”  I believe this is a GREAT idea!

I see couples courting that should NOT be married!  Yet, they marry nonetheless.  I wonder if this is part of the whole idea that homeschool families are perfect (yeah, we KNOW they aren’t but they LOOK so perfect, lol)  that if they break off the courtship, it somehow equals failure.   Let me suggest that this does NOT equal failure, it equals wisdom.  IF you marry when you KNOW you shouldn’t, and live a miserable existence together or divorce, THAT is failure.  Not unforgivable, but it definitely is not God’s plan and it definitely causes many more problems, than breaking off a courtship would.

I think sometimes couples call it courtship, but really it’s lust in disguise.  I fear for these type of couples.  Please don’t misunderstand; a man and woman courting SHOULD be attracted to each other; but it should not be the focus of the relationship.  But when anyone allows their feelings to rule, they are bound to make foolish decisions and end up in places they really don’t want to be.

The truth is, sometimes the end of a courtship is the beginning of a marriage, and sometimes it is not.

Let me also add (as a sidenote) that even when a couple is compatible, “in love”  and marries  there will still be times that are not all sunshine and rainbows.  Shane and I celebrate 20 years of marriage today and it has not always been easy.  BUT, we made the commitment, the covenant that we take very seriously.  Neither of us will leave.  NO MATTER WHAT!  We may yell and scream and cry and slam doors on occasion (ok, I may yell and scream and cry and slam doors on occasion) but we’re not going anywhere!  This is one reason why I think arranged marriages worked in days of old.  Separation or divorce was NOT an option.  Couples learned to love each other.

I can’t watch that scene without being moved in my soul.  Commitment is not talked about very much these days but it is the glue that holds all marriages together!

There are many committed to courtship that are still single.

This seems to be among young ladies, much more than young men.  The truth is there has been a decline among responsible, respectable young men for several years now.  I have read several books about this in recent years.  Unfortunately, with my head cold, I can’t remember any of the names of these books right now.  But we all know as women have risen, men have fallen.  Men have been portrayed as idiots for years on t.v. and in movies for decades (Home Improvement anyone?)  So, in theory, the dragon has won.  Many men have rolled over and given in to their video games, and have disconnected from society.   Let’s not even talk about the girls that can’t seem to let their man have any time to themselves.  They constantly barrage their man with texts at all hours and then wonder why the guy flees!

I believe the other contributor in the current culture, which Mr. Umstattd does not mention at all, is the modern day 60’s movement of hooking up, sexting or friends with benefits.  Pornography is a way of life for many and an accepted practice out in the world.  As is living together and making babies without commitment.  NO, I’m not saying our single young ladies would be interested in these type of men, but I am saying that when there is no stigma attached to sinful behavior people are more likely to participate in it, than when there is a stigma.

All of these things take eligible bachelors out of the running.

PLEASE, I am not giving ANOTHER list of rules for courtship.

What I’m saying is that EACH situation is different.

Courtship is NOT a one size fits all solution, as Mr. Umstattd pointed out.  It is not a list of does and don’ts but rather a mindset.  Much like I believe home education should be.  A lifestyle approach, teaching our children to love learning and how to learn, instead of a set of rules otherwise known as passing a test.

Hannah is now 18.  There are presently no suitors.  I’m not concerned.  She has plenty of time. And GOD will bring along the perfect husband for her in HIS timing, not mine.  We don’t expect that courtship will look the same for each of our 4 children.  In fact, we expect it to look much different for each of them.  I’m not willing to put my children in a box in the name of “courtship”.  Neither am I willing for my children to go play the field for the sole purpose of enjoyment and pleasure.  (swinging back to the other end of the spectrum isn’t the solution either).  Our children are 2 different genders, 4 different people, with different personalities, a one size fit’s all approach won’t work.  That would be as ludicrous as saying each homeschool child MUST use Saxon math.  CRAZY!
I KNOW this is a long post.  I pray that I have given some food for thought and a different perspective for you to consider.

How fitting that I write this post on the 20th anniversary of life with my Superman.

If you’re interested in that story, click here. 

So The Romeikes Can Stay?

In a seemingly strange turn of events, the Department of Homeland Security has decided the Romeikes a “famous” (at least to home educators) German homeschooling family that fled their homeland after threat of having their children removed because they choose home education over state schooling can stay in America.

The Romeikes fled Germany in 2008 to avoid the compulsory education law and to have the freedom to home educate their large family.

But it’s been an uphill battle.  Until yesterday the Romeikes were going home to face the music of the German system unless something drastic happened.  Why?  Because the Supreme Court decided NOT to hear their case for asylum.  Removal of their children, fines etc.  awaited them upon return to their homeland.

But in an unheard of event the Department of Homeland Security has decided they can stay indefinitely.

And many are praising God for this miraculous decision!  And they should!

How nice of the DHS!

Or is it?

While I am thankful that the Romeikes get to stay, you can be sure there is an agenda behind the decision.  This is a government that has been slowly (and sometimes rather quickly) stripping Americans of their freedoms and rights for a long time…and we’ve allowed it. Most Americans have forgotten that this is a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Lincoln continued,” that shall not perish from the earth.”

Or will it?

This decision is just one step in the process.   The administration wants us to relax and rest.  They want us to think we’re safe.  But let me assure you, it’s NOT time to relax and rest. 

This is a war!  We must be on guard, something bigger is coming.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has been battling to keep the Romeikes in this country, every step of the way.

At one point Eric Holder even made the statement that “home schooling is not a fundamental right”

This is coming from the Attorney General of an administration that believes no one has any fundamental rights for anything.

But now, they’re playing nice and telling the Romeikes “you can stay”

Don’t be foolish!

It’s coming.

Are you battle ready?

You better get that way if you aren’t!

It won’t be as easy this time around.  And in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 30 years,  it wasn’t easy the first time; but it will be much, much harder this time.

There is no radar to sneak under, there is no Doctor with his traveling blue box to rescue us.  With modern technology, there’s no place to hide unless you’re totally unplugged.

But home educators have never been ones ready to sit down and take it.  So I don’t imagine we will now.   On the other hand, I wonder…because the face of home ed has changed over the past 30 years.  Many home educators that didn’t have to fight or don’t know people that were in the fight are soft.  They want to take advantage of government school “services”  they’ll homeschool a year to “catch the kids up” and then put them back into government school.

These people don’t understand this is a WAR!  They don’t understand that what is now happening in Germany, happened in this country too!

In a war, you don’t walk up to the enemy and ask to borrow their ammo!  You make your own!  And we have.  Anything the government school does, we can do, and most often better.  Whoops, I’m  getting ready to go down a bunny trail, but I’ll refrain. That’s another days topic.

There are no federal regulations for home education at this point; but considering the administration’s view on pretty much everything, you can be assured there is a time coming…

My guess?  It’ll probably begin in the form of Common Core requirements for home educators…DON’T get me started on CC!  We think we have poor government education now?  Just wait!

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil  prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  1 Peter 5:8

A Disturbing Trend

I have seen a disturbing trend among the 30 something home educated graduates for some time now and it seems to be getting worse.***

Unfortunately, many appear to have a know it all attitude.  It doesn’t really matter what the subject.  You can’t tell them anything that they don’t already know and have already figured out.

Now, is this really the case?


These 30 somethings certainly really don’t have it all figured out.

I’m nearly 50 (really?  How did  THAT happen?)  and don’t even come close to having it all figured out.  In fact, the older I get the more I realize that I have even less figured out when I was younger.

I asked Shane about it and this is my twist on what he said.

Let’s face it.  When modern home education first began 30 years ago, the parents (and kids) had to ACT like they had it all figured out, even when they really had NO idea what they were doing or IF it would really work.

They got questioned by well-meaning family members,

by the professional education community,

and by well-meaning strangers.

They got reported to their state social services office, some had their children removed, and were charged with educational neglect.

They had to FIGHT! They had to be confident! They had to pretend they knew what they were doing! When they really knew nothing about what they were doing…

As the first generation was growing up, they were learning to learn and doing well on ACT’s. They were applying to and attending Ivy League universities on Full tuition scholarships!  Or non ivy league schools on full tuition scholarships.  They were well spoken, well socialized, respectful young citizens.

Shane said he has struggled with having a know it all pride.  I’ve seen some of it during my 20 years of marriage with him.

Humility is a necessary Christian trait.   In fact, I think all sin stems from pride.

Pride in how wonderful home education is, is a dangerous place to be.

I admit, I’ve been guilty.

I’ve dropped the “I’m married to a home school pioneer graduate who scored a 32 on his ACT and attended a small private Christian University on a full-tuition scholarship” and my in-laws helped right Missouri’s homeschool law” card.

I’ve looked down on government school kids.

I’m not proud of it.  But I have.

So, back to the trend I see…

In many ways we’ve created little monsters (or bigger monsters).   They are disrespectful in a different way.

Several years we knew a family with an older teen who had lived a pretty hard life before he came to them.  They told us that because of that hard life he was so much wiser than most older teens and had several things figured out. (ok, they weren’t that blunt, but that’s the gist of what they said).

The truth is, he was a young man ooozing with pride so thick that many people couldn’t stand to be around him.  He had an answer for everything.  He was unwilling to listen to what the older and wiser had to say.  Unfortunately, I found out that it has come back to bite him and he’s had to go through a very deep valley.

I was younger then, but I still had more life experience than this young man.

I am finding this to be an ever increasing problem.

I’ve recently been reading a book by Barbara Duguid, she talks about new believers looking down their noses at those mature Christians who are struggling with an air of pride.  I like her explanation and believe it fits this situation as well.

She says that baby Christians:

“generally have warm and lively affections for God without  a deep understanding of the sinfulness of their hearts and the character of God.  They are inclined to spiritual pride when they are doing well, and to rebuking and correcting others who aren’t doing quite so well” p.47

She specifically talks about them rebuking older, more mature Christians whom God is refining.

I think this describes many older homeschool grads.

A pride of amazing magnitude, partly because we ( loving parents) have propelled it by talking about how much better home education is, by pushing them to academics instead of character (or seeing the pride as confidence and therefore making it ok).

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers to remedy this situation.

My only solution is to point my children to what great sinners they are.

Pointing them to the fact that they are not good, in and of themselves, but only with Christ.

Repenting for MY pride and superior attitude about home education.  (Although I DO believe it is the best educational option for EVERY parent, and I can believe that without being prideful about it).

And then turning them back to the gospel.  To point them to the fact that without Jesus, they are nothing.  From the dust they came and to the dust they will return.  To point them to their worth not coming from their home -school diploma, but to their worth as a Christ-follower.  To point them to the fact that they are frail human creatures that NEED humility to cling to the cross of Jesus instead of to their accomplishments.

Pointing them to the fact that they, like Paul, like me, like every person who has ever walked, lived or breathed is “the chief of sinners”

Pointing them to Jesus on the cross for THEIR sins.

Pointing them to the humility that comes from knowing that without Him I am nothing, na-da,  dung, filthy rags, etc.

Pointing them to an identity in Christ ALONE.

***If you are a home educated 30 something reading this, please know that my intention is not to hurt you, offend you or belittle you.  I am sharing observations I’ve seen for many years, even within my 1st generation husband (who is almost not 30 something :).  I pray you will not be offended, but I pray that you will look within yourself to see if you fit this trend.  If you do, I pray that you will do as I have done.  Humble yourself and repent.  Go to the cross and cling to it.

Everybody’s an Expert

Apparently Jessa Duggar’s courtship is breaking news to some people.  People Magazine has an article that was posted yesterday on their website and it sure has people talking.

I find most of the comments downright offensive!

Most of these people would be APPALLED to be told how to live their lives, yet here they are spouting off their mouth –judging the Duggars.  Telling the Duggar’s and the world how they should be living.

Why? Because their children are being taught courtship and purity until they are married.

I wonder how many of those people have children that are respectful, and responsible adults?

I wonder how many of those people have been married to the same spouse for more than a few years?

I wonder how many of those people are raising their grandchildren that have been born out of wedlock?

I wonder how many of these people have a complete and utter hate for the Christian religion.

Pretty certain this one is:  And I did a straight copy and paste, complete with original typo’s.

christians are wrong” (that’s this person’s “online name”)

It;s called brainwashing….
You indoctrinate your kids one way, close off every avenue to see differently and ta da……
It’s not done with viciousness or malice but it’s done none the less and its not healthy to making great thinking adults that will run our country sooner than later, they will vote, they will be your neighbour etc..”

Yeah, I’m thrilled with the intelligence level that’s in Washington, D.C. now!  NOT!  

Or this lady:

“she and her sister have spent their entire childhoods raising their younger siblings. Now that she’s an adult right away it’s marriage and baby making time. So sad.”

No honey, I think it’s sad that apparently many people believe that baby making before marriage (or no marriage)  is the best way.  Or baby making, then murder (aka: abortion) is a better way.

Yep, sex crazed, half dressed women (or in Miley Cyrus’s case, a half dressed girl) is definitely more respectable than someone like Jessa Duggar.  NOT!

These are most likely the same people that would like to brainwash us with their beliefs of moral relativism,  evolution and the belief that murdering babies in the womb is ok.

Let me ask you who would YOU rather have as your neighbor?

Someone who personifies the image of Miley Cyrus,

miley cyrus

or someone who personifies someone like Jessa Duggar?


I know who my pick would be.

Let me share a little of my story, if I may.  No I never did a pole dance in a leotard with a funky hairstyle  on a public stage, but my life before Christ was pretty dicey.

My innocence was lost somewhere around age 13, although my virginity wasn’t technically lost until I was 17.  I was NOT pure.

I mentioned in a previous post that I dared to imagine almost every guy I went out with as being “the one”  and that led to sex outside of marriage being ok, even though when I was raised it was still taboo. Unlike today where anything goes.

This belief led to LOTS of heartache.

Lots of nights crying myself to sleep wondering what I did “wrong”

Lots of “why God” or “why not God” even though at that time I didn’t have a relationship with God.

I see lots of  young ladies in the world today that look much the way I looked all those years ago.  Lost, alone, searching…miserable.

Did you know that Shane and I courted?
Our “rules” were a little different than the Duggars, but we had very little physical contact before we were married.  (we held hands, hugged, albeit brief, and he kissed me on the forehead, when we were engaged, we did short pecks on the lips…but our first real whoa momma kiss was after we were husband and wife.

Some of the conversation in the comments on the People Mag page has involved what sex would be like between two inexperienced people.

I could tell you but I want a “G” rated page (or maybe PG) but NOT XXX.

Let’s just say that everything worked really well 🙂

But I struggled with my past.  It haunted me for several years.

Shane had no past to haunt him.

I can tell you from the perspective of one that has done it both ways

God’s way, purity before marriage, is the best way!

** You are perfectly within your right to respectfully disagree with me; however, ugly, nasty comments will not be tolerated and will be removed promptly.  What constitutes an ugly, nasty comment is at my discretion

Life of Fred Math


One of the nemesis of home education for most of us.

Four children.

Many different math programs.  Miquon, Rod and Staff, Saxon, Developmental Math, Horizons… among others I am sure.

Math for Princess (15) was the hardest because she was the first.  You name it, we tried it!   Finally, when she reached about 10-11, it clicked and she is now working through Saxon Algebra I and doing well.

Little Bit (who’s not so little anymore, btw) is a math whiz!  He went through most of Developmental Math and has now switched to Saxon 6/5  with no problems!  (He’s 10 1/2).

Math for Bubba… much harder!  He just was not getting it.   We tried the Teaching the Trivium approach, but even at 11, it still wasn’t clicking.    Then we discovered Life of Fred.   Last year, he struggled a bit, but this year we started fresh.  He GETS it!  We have just received Decimals which he will begin in a couple of weeks because he is about to finish Fractions. One thing Bubba LOVES about LOF is that the lessons are short.  No more than 10 problems in each lesson.  One lesson last week had only ONE problem!  He thinks he’s getting away with something… but I know better!

Testing is done by crossing “the bridge”  Every 5 lessons the student attempts to cross the bridge.  Usually, he must get 9 of 10 problems correct to cross.  But, if he doesn’t cross, he gets 4 more tries!      Ingenious!

Life of Fred is written in living book form.  The storyline is interesting, while teaching the math concepts necessary for maneuvering through life.   (You can read about the storyline in other reviews).  But let me give you a hint… Fred is a child.  He acts like a child, and thinks like a child.  He teaches like a child.  I believe that is why children get LOF.

Life of Fred is also a hard-cover affordable curriculum.  The elementary series are $16 each.  Then  $19 each at the next 2 levels.  The next several levels are $39 each, and IF your child is smart enough the Linear Algebra book is $49.  Some of these higher levels also need an answer key that is $6.

You can check out out Life of Fred  here

Oh and in case your wondering, Cathy Duffy likes LOF too!