This Dinosaur Learned a New Trick FMF

Twitter.  I vowed to stay away and I did for a VERY long time.  I even resisted during Proverbs 31 OBS Twitter parties.  And I LOVE my OBS sisters, so the fact that FIve Minute Friday got me there says a LOT!  Last weekends writer’s retreat had me more than a little curious about the fellowship and friendships made in 140 characters or less.

So guess where I was tonight?  I can’t even believe it.  Yes, the dinosaur, the one that didn’t know what a launch was, or Voxxing, or how to use google hangouts (even IF I did have a camera thingy on my computer), actually made it to the #fmfparty tonight.

I didn’t think I could learn how to keep up.  And I’m not sure I did. But I was told I was doing fine,

See here’s the proof

You are rocking it Christy!

probably because you ARE keeping up

Will I do it again?  Probably?  Will it be a regular thing?  Probably not.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and I enjoyed being there, but my time is getting away from me, and one more thing on my plate on a regular basis?  Sometimes ya gotta say no.

I’m certain at some point I’ll to learn how to make one of those cute little “click to tweet” box to use in my blog.  But not tonight.  Tonight this ole dino is tired; so no late night tonight trying to figure out something else new in the cyberspace world.  And I want to go enjoy the stars with my darling!

Tonight this dinosaur will dream of little blue birds and frantic craziness all around me.  And I will be thankful for


seeing “old” new friends made by driving down a winding road, past the deer that were playing to a cabin by the lake and for making new friends, including one who lives in my hometown, whose husband went to my high school (West High Rebels) a year ahead of me. How cool is that?

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P.S.  And NOW I understand…twitter party, Friends made, friends made visit blogs, relationships formed.  Not like old school days where you got to know each other in the comments of the blog…the fog is lifting.

I’m linking up with Kate at Five Minute Friday.  The rules are simple.  5 minutes of free writes on her one word prompt. No edits (yes I did, because I can’t not. and I was EXTREMELY tired last night,haha) and then visit and comment on the persons blog before you.  Yes, it’s that simple.  And if you DO edit like me, there is no edit police to wrap your knuckles either.  You can find out more here.

And if you get a chance, check out our NEW blog that was birthed from the FMF retreat


Reflections on a Weekend Away

I was among the close to 20 something wonderful ladies and the bundle of sweetness and smiles, little baby Haven, that gathered at a lakeside cabin in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee for the Five Minute Friday retreat.  Here’s the beautiful morning view from the deck as we gathered to drink our coffee (or tea, depending on preference).

fmf viewTruth time.  I wasn’t really sure WHY I was there.  I wasn’t really sure I should have been there.  After all, I’m not really sure I’m a writer; but my friend Melinda’s  enthusiasm was contagious and we were among the first to sign up way back… and we arrived after an adventurous beginning that included a flat tire and some nature exploration along the interstate near Metropolis, IL.

FMF retreat melinda and IBut that’s not what this post is supposed to be about.

This post is supposed to be about  “what’s my biggest take away from the retreat?”

Surprisingly, I learned that I AM a writer!

During our hangout chat with the authors of “On Being A Writer” (Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig) one of the ladies made the comment that

“a writing life is not the same as a writing career.”

That really resonated with me.  I am a writer, because I have a writing life.  Will I ever have a writing career?  Only God knows which leads to the next biggest take away from the weekend that didn’t hit me until the middle of Tuesday night when I woke up thinking about a long-lost dream…the dream that my husband and I have had to minister to families.

Many moons ago,  we made a flyer for Home and Family Ministries. A brainchild we created that never came to fruition.  We wanted to speak, and have retreats, and help families be all they could be. Help marriages succeed.  Encourage parents to parenting with intention.  This was when we were newly married.  Well before blogging was so mainstream, if it was yet at all…that was in the days of dial up internet and before Amazon and Google.

WHY we thought we were ready for that kind of endeavor is beyond me. But, we wonder if now is the time?  We’ve been through life for 21 years together, adding 4 children, and 2 dogs and a cat to the mix among other various critters that have come and gone.  We’ve had highs and lows.  Beautiful and ugly.  And we’ve been real through it all!

Who knows if ANYTHING will come of it, but we’re ready to put our toes in the water and step out in faith and begin a new thing.

So I got up in the middle of the night and started brainstorming this new child.  Looking on WordPress for a blog address that would work.  Here’s what I came up with:

Christian Home Life   

I’m delving into the world of mailchimp and going back over all the notes on promoting a blog from the retreat.  Those notes that I think didn’t apply to me because:

a) I wasn’t a writer

b) I was just a lil’ eclectic wife and momma blogger; 12 years I’ve been writing, and I’m still a lil’ eclectic wife and momma blogger.  And I’m still content with that here at homeskoolmom.

But the retreat, in an odd twist of events, has revived a dream…

FEAR of man is rearing it’s ugly head. Even as I sit here typing this, I wonder if we’re crazy, if I should hit the publish button.  But I refuse to to let it dictate what will come.  Man will not be my God.  I will replace the fear of man with the fear of the Lord, as Trillia, with the beautiful smile, reminded us Saturday morning.

FMF Kate and TrilliaThanks Melinda for the photo

And being BRAVE is coming behind the thoughts of fear.  And we WILL be brave, Shane and I. Mary reminded us Sunday morning that it is easier to stay stuck in the boat; but sometimes that is not what He wants!  Sometimes He wants us to be brave like Peter, and step out of the boat.

Mary, my husband and I are steppin’ out of the boat and being brave.  Many of those steps came long ago…

and now, we wait expectantly to see what, if anything God will do with this new venture!

At this point, only He knows!

We could be absolute nobodies…in that case we’ll keep doing what we’re doing; except we’ll blog with intention at Christian Home Life and maybe, just maybe influence a small sphere of readers in future years…

Or maybe? We will have to be patient and see…

 I LOVE this blog!  It’s my crazy, random place to be me, to bounce here and there, with rambling thoughts; no rhyme or reason. Thoughts flowing freely

And it will continue to be just that, a place for my rambling thoughts…but Christian Home Life, it will be more intentional, more focused with a purpose.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the new blog!

Thank you Kate Motaung (Mo-tay-oong–I think I got it) Holly, Jen and Mary for all your hard work!

Where is Hope?

This has been a hard week.  I’ve been burdened deep down in my soul.  There is much pain and suffering in the world.  Things that shouldn’t happen to children, do happen.  Innocence is no more.  Secrets and pain are pushed way down in the soul.  Masks are worn and happy faces and fake joy take the place of the pain.  Marriages fail from infidelity, or alcohol, or just because one or another decides they don’t want to be there anymore.  Children, young adults, older adults and the elderly attempt to take away the pain by popping pills or other means of stopping their breath; some succeed.

I’m weary today with the burden of others.  I’m working my way through The Mended Heart by Suzie Eller with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.  And I’m leading a small group of 20 ladies through it. This weeks chapters were about sexual sins, adultery, molestation and the like.  How devastating!    I’m reading the blog and it is heartbreaking. Stories of pain and brokenness have been shared.  And I know it’s only a glimpse of those with deep soul wrenching suffering beneath their masks.

And stories of HOPE!  Like Melissa’s.

There is HOPE!  God SEES!  God HEARS the pain! God HEALS!!  God is VICTORIOUS!!!  For the believer, we are assured that our pain is for a purpose.  Nothing happens by chance.  Everything is for our good (Yes, even that) and His glory.  He uses the circumstances of our lives to mold us into who HE wants us to be, so others can see the beauty he can make from the ashes.

He takes the dead and brings it to life!

He takes the dross away and brings the gold forth!

He makes beautiful out of a lump of clay!

He IS HOPE!  He REDEEMS!  And makes something beautiful from it!

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God Meets Me

It’s another Five Minute Friday.  Seems it’s the only time I can make it over to post something lately, even though I have a million ideas running around in my head.  I’m so grateful for Kate’s encouragement.  5 minutes is enough.  The rules are simple.  Set a timer for 5 minutes of free writing, no edits, no backtracking, just writing.  Stop when the timer dings.  Post it on her page and comment on the person before you…simple?  Yes.  Now WHERE is my timer…

Mother’s day all around me.  People posting sweet things about their mothers.  Commercials begging you to do something special for Mom on this day.  But not for me.  You see the relationship with my Mom and I has always been somewhat rocky.  I don’t have that sweet relationship that the commercials depict…  I could go into details, but I won’t, it’s not necessary, or honoring so I’ll leave it at that.

The relationship with my mother in law when I was first married was wonderful, amazing.   But over the years, they’ve discovered I’m human, yep. I have warts.  Never mind that we all have warts…  Again, there is no reason to go into details, there’s no honor there…I hope I just say enough…without saying too much.

So here’s the good.  God has met me!  God has blessed me with a more wonderful husband that I could have ever asked for or imagined, one that loves me and gives me grace when the warts rear their ugly heads.  God has blessed me with 4 amazing children who I adore and who love me in spite of my warts…so while I mourn the passing of having my own mohter: I rejoice that  I have 2 daughters.  Two daughters that I will meet.  That I will have relationship with as the years grow by.  Two daughters that I will not turn away, that I will not reject, but that I will love and adore and give grace to in the same way they give grace to me.  Human relationship, hurt and pain at times, but forgiveness and grace at times too.  So while the commercials and Facebook posts sometimes sting, I will look to the now.  To the family God has gifted me.  To the future relationship that I hope to have with my girls, and with my future daughter in laws (where ever they may be)…

and I will know that God has met me.


One word. 5 minutes. No edits. Linking up with Kate this week. If you’re interested you can get the details here.

Today’s word:  BECAUSE

This worship song is the first thing I thought of when I saw the word for the week.

Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow.

So many friends and family struggling right now, some with cancer, some with marriage difficulties, some on the verge of divorce, some so steeped in sin you can see it on their faces; others with financial difficulties.  We’ve had our share of trials the last few weeks, nothing as significant as others have had, but the little things in life add up and can stress a person out.

My cousins just lost their precious Granny last weekend.  And they lost their Momma a few years ago…

Granny and Aunt Charlotte

(Take many years ago when we all were a lot younger)

but, Because God LIVES.

They don’t have to face this alone.

Because He lives, they can rest in Him.

Granny sure did!  So did Aunt Charlotte!

If we know the Lord as our Savior, WE can rest in Him.  Earlier this week I wrote about fleeing on a horse.

I wasn’t resting in Him.

I wasn’t believing that HE could handle it.

I wasn’t willing to “cast my burden unto Jesus because He cares for me”  (1 Peter 5:7)

But I have new resolve to do just that



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